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Can you hear the hum? Can you hear the buzz?

Thriving in South London’s live music scene and gaining more exposure day by day, Talk Show have just released their debut album this past Friday. It’s very apparent that the title of their debut single reflects the success in their career so far: ‘Fast and Loud’. Below, the band was kind enough to take us through 10 tracks that inspired the band during the Effigy recording process.

The KLF – America: What Time Is Love? 
I read a great biography about The KLF about a month before we went into the studio and it had a massive impact on the way I viewed the tracks. I love the combination of big thumping house music with pretty classic rock guitars. ‘Closer’, ‘Gold’, and also the overarching themes of the album were inspired by this track.

Goldie – I Adore You
This was one of the tracks that we talked about a lot before we came into the studio, to try and all really get in the same headspace regarding the types of dance music we wanted to reference. ‘Red/White’ massively leant into this track, specifically the drums parts.

Nine Inch Nails – Into the Void
Similar to The KLF, I love the blend of electronica with hard, overdriven guitars. It’s not quite dance music, it’s not quite rock. ‘Gold’ and ‘Closer’ took big cues from this track

Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin Beats
This has been a track we go back to all the time to reference, in terms of energy and vibe. We started the early demos of ‘Closer’ based around ‘Block Rockin Beats’.

Tricky – Aftermath
Aftermath really helped direct us during some of the slower, more downtempo parts of the album, where we really leaned into the ‘trip-hop’ references on the album. I took a lot of lyrical cues from Tricky across the album, specifically the whispered-intent delivery on tracks such as ‘Oil at the Bottom of a Drum’, ‘Catalonia’, and ‘Red/White’.

The Prodigy – Breathe
Again, another perfect concoction of electronica with guitars. Bags and bags of energy. ‘Gold’ used this track as a main focal point. 

Outkast – Ms Jackson
Lyrically, all I could imagine for ‘Oil’ was the video to this track. The house falling apart, rain coming through the ceiling. I tried to imagine us standing in the same house, playing, trying to hold the walls together.

A Certain Ratio – Do the Du (Casse)
Another suggestion from Remi, mainly to focus on how all the parts and instrumentation gel together in a really succinct manner. Nothing’s in the way of each other. Every part compliments the next. ‘Red/White’s bass and guitar parts really took influence from this track.

Rage Against the Machine – Sleep Now In the Fire
Big and bold. ‘Got Sold’ took chunks of inspiration from this track, specifically the wah guitar.

Beastie Boys – So What’Cha Want
Another brash track. This time a lot more lyrical presence. The delivery in every line is spat at the audience with no escape. This was another that influenced ‘Got Sold’ heavily.

Effigy is out now – listen on Spotify here, or whatever major streaming platform you prefer instead.

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