The Round-Up (08/03/24)

It’s Women’s History Month and we’re proud to highlight some badass songs by badass women in this week’s round-up. Though, we typically do that every week, no matter the month. So I guess what we’re trying to say is, this week’s like any other week. Lots of good music worth exploring. All highlighted below for your listening pleasure.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: The New Eves – Astrolabe

If you’re a fan of Florence Welch and The Last Dinner Party but want to go further into the forest-witch genre, The New Eves are about to be your new favourite band. Chant-like vocals and folksy strings make ‘Astrolabe’ sound as much like a spell as a song. I can only imagine how special this would sound live – the kind of band that makes you want to bin off the modern world and run away into the trees. [VG]

Also new this week…

Holiday Ghosts – Big Congratulations
Following their previous single ‘Sublime Disconnect’, Holiday Ghosts return with follow-up ‘Big Congratulations’. Maintaining the band’s signature upbeat jangly indie style, the track combines a country-infused guitar line with a hint of punky attitude while discussing themes of excess and consumerism. Their upcoming full-length album, Coat of Arms, produced by Phil Booth of Nottingham DIY venue JT Soar, will be released at the end of this month. [GC]

Melanie Baker – Double Decker Death Machine
A note to musicians everywhere: if you want to intrigue me before I hear a note, name your song something like ‘Double Decker Death Machine’. Before I even hit play on Melanie Baker’s new single, I had a smirk on my face. The song itself is reminiscent of artists like Momma and Phoebe Bridgers, meandering in pace to create an eerily accurate mashup. Not the best thing I’ve heard this week, but enjoyable all the same. [TJ]

Vicky Farewell – Tern Me On
I think the deliberately misspelt title is an emblem of this song’s attitude of “just because”. Why use so many jazz chords when they don’t really build or pleasurably resolve? Just because. It’s a fluffy, duff imitation of SZA which isn’t bad on any level but it is underwhelming, like an overpriced dessert. [SL]

Slow Fiction – Monday
Wasting no time, Slow Fiction launch into their latest single with a manic pace. Intricate guitar lines overlap and moody vocals give the track and energy that dpes mot dissapate. The New York band have established themselves as a band to watch on the alt-rock scene and this new track cements their place. The frenetic speed of this tune gives a lot to look forward to their upcoming EP, Crush. [AW]

Sam Evian – Stay
Sam Evian is back this week with his third single leading up to his new album, Plunge. With a wonderful countrified pop sound, this swoony ballad is full of hard-hitting lyrics like ‘Getting through, running us so ragged / just when you think you had it, they twist the knife.’ We can expect Plunge to contain weightier lyrics than Evian’s previous albums, and ‘Stay’ is a great taste of what is to come. [CC]

ELLiS-D – Humdrum
Haunting. Spooky. Energetic. ‘Humdrum’ is the manic new single from Brighton-based artist ELLiS·D. It’s the first time I’ve heard a song that sounds exactly like the feeling of standing up too quickly…just have a listen, you’ll see what I mean. Be sure to stream his latest EP, Hullo, Reality!, too, if you’re in need of more art-rock bangers like this one. [LW]

Linn Koch-Emmery – Happy
Linn Koch-Emmery is a name I hadn’t heard of until a couple days ago, but I hope to see a lot more of her going forward. I’m such a sucker for mid-tempo pop/rock with a hook, and Linn’s new single ‘Happy’ checks all the right boxes. Oddly enough, I hear a little Jimmy Eat World influence seeping through, and if you’ve ever read one of our magazines, you know that’s a quick way to my heart. Rock on, Linn. [TJ]

Esme Emerson – Please
The mellow tone throughout warms you with the same comfort as a log fire on a cold winter’s night. The duo’s new track includes the line ‘God, I heard you’re a good listener…’, and God shouldn’t be the only devotee; the world needs to hear this too. Not only is it a skill to craft a song that excels like this, but to film a music video in one take is just as impressive. On that note, I pose one question: can you listen to the new Esme Emerson song… Please? [TM]

Bad Bad Hats – TPA
It’s been a big week for the Bad Bad Hats, with the announcement of their fourth album and release of its lead single, ‘TPA’. This new track is a great example of how to hype up an audience for an album as it’s a deliciously addictive and dancey indie track. The accompanying music video is just as fun as the band boogie with older versions of themselves – and don’t forget the bongos! [LW]

cumgirl8 – glasshour
By design or just in its effect: this is painful. It makes me concerned for the band as you wonder what state they must have been in to release a single that sounds this upset. Burying lyrics foretelling a looming comeuppance are guitars that scream from a new circle of hell, indescribable gurgles from the underworld and even a cowbell! Listen if you’d like to be bewildered by misguided visionaries. [SL]

Iron and Wine – All in Good Time (feat. Fiona Apple)
I can’t say I expected Sam Beam and Fiona Apple to fit together like two perfectly placed puzzle pieces (bonus points for alliteration?)… but here we are. I suppose I shouldn’t have doubted the sum of two talented parts would yield something spectacular. ‘All in Good Time’ is a stellar, waltz-timed duet that’s rife with an old-fashioned Americana spirit, sure to quench your thirst this week. [TJ]

Contributor Key:
[LW] Lydia Webb, [TJ] TJ Foster, [GC] Gemma Cockrell, [TM] Thomas Melia,
[VG] Vicky Greer, [CC] Cat Campbell, [AW] Angus Wright, [SL] Sam Lasley

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