The Round-Up (15/03/24)

All of the SXSW content is the only thing getting me through this week — anyone else? If I can’t be in Texas with my cowboy boots on, at least I can listen to some new bangin’ tracks. You should too. Highlighted below for your ears to enjoy!

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Divorce – Gears

This week, bona fide indie-rock band Divorce released their first new song of the year. All about struggling with the various versions of yourself, ‘Gear’ contains some intense (and extremely catchy) lyrics like, ‘This shit sucks / I don’t remember / When the gears got stuck.’ The track begins quite subdued and builds into something sizeable and restless. Hearing the crescendo build each time the song plays out is very addicting — it’s well worth the listen. [CC]

Also new this week…

Lauren Mayberry – Change Shapes
We all know and love her vocals from synth-pop outfit CHVRCHES, but now Lauren Mayberry is cutting her teeth as a solo artist. Her third track as the lone figure in the spotlight, ‘Change Shapes’ speaks about moulding yourself to fit different situations to achieve your desired outcome. Here, Mayberry’s vocals are deeper than usual and the instrumental less synth-driven than CHVRCHES’ sound; it’s still unapologetically pop music, and the synths are still undeniably still present, but it is overall snappier and punchier than we have ever heard Mayberry before. [GC]

FLO – Walk Like This
Did someone say song of the summer? They’ve done it once before with Cardboard Box in 2022, so why not repeat that formula again with Walk Like This? Jorja, Stella and Renée are the perfect combination, like sun, sea and sand you can never get enough of them. It’s no surprise that the incredible MNEK is credited for co-writing and co-producing this future hit. This track is the first taste of the trio’s debut album and if this is just the appetiser, we can expect the full LP to follow with a similar 2000’s R&B direction. [TM]

Ruby DuffUndressed
Producers of The Traitors Season Three better be paying close attention to this one, it’s got suspense, thrill and suspense written all over it. Duff knows how to capture listener’s and keep them charmed. On a song with such grandeur in its instrumentation it can be easy for vocals to become overpowered, but Ruby manages to maintain full control while using the power of the track to carry and push her vocals further. If the alluring nature of the single’s cover doesn’t intrest you enough, I hope this review can urge you to check it out. [TM]

Logan Avidan – Carried Away
Logan Avidan is a triple threat – model, actor and musician – and her latest single ‘Carried Away’ is an eclectic ride through time, with influences ranging from ’80s-tinged synths, modern lo-fi bedroom pop and even a flair of the ’90s I can’t quite put my finger on. In other less capable hands, it could be a recipe for disaster. Not here though. Tune in, zone out, and let Logan carry you away to a blissful place. [TJ]

EADES – Fade Away
Solid indie-rock with a killer groove from the newly-independent, Leeds-based quintet here. It’s a song tailormade for festival stages, so better get yourself acquainted before the warmer weather hits. Thankfully, it’s an easy one to sing along to. [TJ]

Tokyo Police Club – Just a Scratch/Catch Me If You Can
In case you missed it, the Canadian indie-rockers announced their breakup last month. And while it seems like no bands truly break up these days, it was sad news to wake up to nonetheless. Thankfully, Tokyo Police Club have gifted us their final two songs this week – a fitting farewell for one of the most underrated bands in indie rock. [TJ]

Dream Wife – All The Things She Said (T.A.T.U. Cover)
We all know the iconic Y2K anthem ‘All The Things She Said’ by t.A.T.u. — now imagine this track but, as Dream Wife puts it, “queer af.” With the slightly accelerated chorus and dialed-up heavy metal, this has to be one of the best covers I have heard in a while. [CC]

Contributor Key:
[TJ] TJ Foster, [GC] Gemma Cockrell, [TM] Thomas Melia, [CC] Cat Campbell

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