FLO sure know how to walk us into summer

For a third consecutive year, the UK R&B girl group have mastered the ‘Did I just write the song of the summer?’ formula (but better).

Starting with 2022, ‘Cardboard Box’ placed FLO in contention with the big dogs of the music industry. This being their first ever single, it is a feat that not a lot of artists have to their name. The song saw MNEK credited for both songwriting and production, adding to their roster of well-known hits. This came alongside a helping hand from R&B writer Savannah Jada and the trio themselves with the lyrics.

In 2023, Jorja, Renée and Stella found themselves eye-to-eye with legends in the game upon their collaboration with Missy Elliott, ‘Fly Girl’. This track featured Missy and the girls working with KAMILLE, known for her co-writing appearances on lots of pop successes. Being their fifth single and second ever collaboration, it’s clear that the trajectory of this group is unparalleled. The song itself scored FLO their first ever Soul Train Awards nomination for Best Collaboration.

Now, in 2024, they’re back again with their newest offering, ‘Walk Like This’. If the last few paragraphs didn’t make it clear, FLO have nailed down the formula on how to craft a perfect summer-oriented hit. This single is no different. With assistance from long-time collaborators MNEK, REYLT and Ashton Sellars on the production, the trio testify the common phrase: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Director Sahra Zadat is behind the visuals of this song and the way she has flawlessly captured FLO’s confidence is ingenious. The video alternates between a cityscape and high school locker-esque set up. The first sees the trio striding down a walkway of yellow retro cars with a sway in their hips, while the latter allows for some solo camera shots of each member.

The song starts with a fluttering harmony by all three girls who introduce the band’s name FLO, as if they aren’t already the hottest group in UK R&B right now. Quickly jumping into the chorus, ‘There’s a reason why I walk like this…’ adds a fun little call and response listeners can start learning and polish off their karaoke skills.

With appearances at American festivals Coachella and Governor’s Ball on the horizon, FLO’s debut LP is much anticipated. With warmer months on the horizon and more time for us to get our own walking heels (or shoes) on, we too can step along to their new track.

Keep up with the band via their website here, and stay tuned for more new music.

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