The Round-Up (22/03/24)

I know nostalgia is all the rage right now – look no further than the fact that I’m seeing Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World this weekend – but we’re even bigger fans of the new breed over here. So, as reliably as ever, here’s some of our favourite tracks from the week behind us.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Yoshika Colwell – It’s Getting Late

The debut single from up-and-coming UK-based artist, Yoshika Colwell, is an impressive first release full of complex and observant lyrics. With a soft acoustic guitar acting as the backbone of the song, this flowy folk track is remniscent of Joni Mitchell and warm summer evenings. ‘It’s Getting Late’ is an exciting first taste of what is to come from Yoshika, and we will be on the lookout for her debut EP set to release later this year. [CC]

Also new this week…

ARXX – Crying in the Carwash
Brighton duo ARXX are back with their first single of the year; ‘Crying in the Carwash’ is a pounding, synth-driven anthem, written about a heartfelt true story – the moment they found out they’d be supporting one of their favourite bands in the world, MUNA, on tour. ARXX continue the unapologetically honest trajectory of their music, paired with a chorus which is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and a drum beat which is bound to get you dancing. [GC]

The Pleasure Dome – The Duke Part II
Right out the gate, Bristol-based trio The Pleasure Dome captured my attention. The interesting chord progression put out by a noisy array of guitars felt like something that might’ve come out of Seattle in the ’90s. And when vocalist Bobby Spender comes in, there’s an uncanny likeness to one of the Gallagher brothers – not sure which one but take your pick. [TJ]

Dreamwave – Hidden Sun
Totally trip out on Dreamwave’s new single ‘Hidden Sun’. The dreamy, sliding, psych guitars paired with a kaleidoscopic video alone, are sure to provide hallucinatory side effects. The quartet are releasing their debut EP Dreamwave and the Mindcave, alongside its launch party in their hometown of Bristol, on the 4th May – certainly one to check out! [LW]

KAWALA – What’s Up?
For those of us still reeling from the BROCKHAMPTON break up, Kawala is here to give us a boy band to believe in once more. With poppy guitar riffs and an earworm chorus, ‘What’s Up’ is about to be your new spring anthem. Not sold yet? Wait until you get those dreamy indie textures from the synth, and you’ll have no choice but to put it on repeat. [RG]

Ananya – macy gray
Ananya has it all! A ballad-like instrumental, a reference to one of the R&B greats and a clear concern for caution with lyrics like ‘I can see you in the driver’s seat singing Macy Gray, safety belt on me…’. Overall, the song itself is executed and delivered with passion; pair this with the music video and you can really see the story behind the song come to life. The layered vocals and harmonies that appear after the first chorus are a perfect addition to the song too, elevating the track itself. [TM]

LYLO – If the Light is On
Folllowing previous single ‘Hush’, Scottish trio LYLO’s first new music since 2018, ‘If the Light is On,’ is a smooth and soulful follow up, blending ’80s R&B influences with Japanese pop soundscapes. This is a track which casts images in the mind of a chaotic, hectic cityscape, capturing a rare moment of peace and stillness among the fast pace of life. Stepping further into this new era for the band, their upcoming album Thoughts of Never is shaping up very nicely indeed. [GC]

Sasha Alex Sloan – Me Again
While there’s nothing overly unique about this song’s structure, the way Sasha delivers it is profoundly beautiful and heartbreaking. ‘I can’t wait to feel like me again…’ she sings over a gently picked guitar and soothing violin. Expect to hear a lot more of her in the future because this is simply gorgeous stuff. [TJ]

No Windows – Zodiac 13
No Windows attempt to escape winter isolation in their newest single, ‘Zodiac 13’. The latest song off the Scottish duo’s upcoming EP, Point Nemo, is full of fuzzy, indie-folk guitars and hazy vocals, culminating in a powerful and swelling middle section. On the back of a tour with Lime Garden and with their EP due out in May, No Windows will be one to watch for the rest of 2024. [AW]

MELTS – Waves of Wonder
Sharp electric guitars and terse minor-key vocals make ‘Waves of Wonder’ a perfect addition to any post-punk playlist you might be creating. While the fizzing synths that come in and out throughout the track feel very 2024, the song definitely feels like it could have come out of the early aughts. While the key of the song may not leave you feeling uplifted, the message itself is quite positive, reminding anyone who might need to hear that ‘Sooner or later, things will get better.’ [RG]

Mylar – A Man Will Make
Checking out this single through its accompanying video made me think we were getting some sort of Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’ ordeal, with the ’80s suits and graphics in a city setting. But, of course, you’re not disappointed to be listening to Mylar when you are immediately seduced by frontman Short’s lucious vocals and the collective dreamy guitar sounds. They’ve mastered nostalgia with a current indie sound – and I’m looking forward to hearing the full EP, which this new single is part of, coming in April. [LW]

renforshort – Hurt Like it Should
A shining example of modern, guitar-based pop right here. renforshort wears the ’90s influences on her sleeve on ‘Hurt Like it Should’, which is especially impressive considering she was born in 2004. A masterclass in pop-songwriting, this is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. [TJ]

Contributor Key:
[TJ] TJ Foster, [GC] Gemma Cockrell, [LW] Lydia Webb, [RG] Rory Graham, [TM] Thomas Melia, [AW] Angus Wright

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