Sam Evian

Sam Evian delivers a brave and honest accomplishment

Sam Evian ’s fourth album hypnotises with an immersive display of emotions and sound. The album feels warm and reflective, yearning while simultaneously grateful.

Plunge beautifully sheds light on the intricacies of relationships, specifically the journey of Sam’s parents’ separation and eventual reuniting. The record dives in with ‘Wild Days,’ a groovy overture containing hard-hitting lyrics like, ‘It’s not the bitter end at play / It’s wild days, wild days / All my heart is ticking for another try.’ These lyrics allude to the story on the verge of being told throughout the proceeding eight tracks. 

The title of the album was inspired by the feeling of taking a cold plunge (something Sam did everyday during the making of it) – of the initial anxiety that eventually subsides into a peaceful calm. You can see this idea thread through Sam’s writing in Plunge, an album that is his most lyrically complex to date. The songs are written from the varying perspectives of Sam’s dad, mom, and himself, a brave feat that calls for an impressive amount of emotional intelligence and empathy. 

With the lightness of a beautiful guitar riff, the album slides into ‘Jacket,’ a romantic track reminiscent of The Beatles. It expresses the feeling of impulsively holding onto something, even through the harsh unpredictability of feelings and desires. This theme of a relationship slipping away is carried into ‘Rollin In.’ Sam’s signature saxophone weaves throughout and is an entrancing pairing to the subtle sounds of crashing waves.

As we make our way down, ‘Why Does It Take So Long’ comes crashing in with a hard-hitting electric guitar. Probably the most upbeat and unrestricted track, it prompts feelings of jittery restlessness – especially as it crescendos to the massive guitar solo at the end. Nostalgic not just personally, but also musically, Plunge nods to Sam’s love of the fuzzy sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. This influence is especially apparent in ‘Why Does It Take So Long,’ as well as the uniquely funky ‘Freakz’ and later on, ‘Another Way.’ 

‘Another Way’ feels like a song written to be performed live. The shortest of the nine tracks, this one is punchy, raw, and reflective. ‘Why does it go so fast? / I want a love to last / Baby tell me there’s another way’ – these lyrics were born to be frustratingly sang along to. 

Finally, the closing song is ‘Stay,’ a Lennon-esque, countrified pop tune written for Sam’s dad. It is a heartfelt display of empathy for his father, who is a two-time cancer survivor. This knowledge emphasises the weight of the lyrics: ‘Getting through, running us so ragged / just when you think you had it, they twist the knife.’ ‘Stay’ was the third single on the run up to album release, and it solidified that Plunge would be a glorious display of Sam Evian’s fantastic lyricism and production.

Plunge tells a story. It encourages nostalgia and introspection. It is bare and open, and it inspires emotional relfection – all the while being downright easy to listen to. A brave and honest accomplishment, Plunge does everything that Sam Evian set out to do.

Haiku Review:
An honest story
Of leaving and coming back
To your family

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