Kalenbree is turning 25 and she wants you to show up and show out!

The Atlanta-born and based singer is throwing a birthday party and everyone is invited. Kalenbree is rising fast in the R&B ranks with just one album and one EP to her name. She’s going from strength to strength performing at SXSW earlier this month and receiving praises from pop titan Tyla just a few days ago.

The theme of her Sunflower Soiree is 70’s attire, the Bulldozer singer says. “I feel like it goes with my aesthetic; everyone can feel comfortable dressing however they want.”

There will be two DJs in charge of the top-quality tracks all night: Mila and Odallaz. These aren’t any ordinary creatives; they have a personal connection with the birthday girl too. Rapper Jelani Imani initiated the friendship between Mila Bucks and Kalenbree, with both of them attending his event. Odallaz shares multiple connections with the recording artist.

“[We] were roommates and she’s actually my make-up artist,” Kalenbree recited. “She said ‘I can do your make-up, supply your venue and be your DJ’, and Mila was the same – she really wanted to do a set.”

Don’t think you’re getting off easy either! Some of the Atlanta artist’s songs may be calm and collected but the shots on the door will be the polar opposite.

“Yup, yup, yup. Everyone’s getting hardcore liquor! The chaser can be wine,” she says playfully.

Of course, the most important part of any birthday is the cake and in true Kalenbree style, the cake doesn’t just subtly incorporate sunflowers… it is a sunflower!

“Always, always, always vanilla cake with buttercream icing or cream cheese icing, and it’s going to be in the shape of a sunflower with little cupcakes for the stem,” she cheers.

Alongside the soiree, the almost-25-year-old has been travelling more than ever this month, with SXSW included. This star was lucky enough to visit and perform in Austin as part of the event too.  

“It was busy! I had no time to do anything. I barely had time to eat, it was so hectic. I got there, I had to check in, get my stuff, and then it was hella running around,” the ‘Bubblegum’ singer reflected. “It was good, I just wish I had more time to look around, see and eat Texas. I’ve never been before!”

The sunflower-loving performer gained a new fan recently when she found her song included in a livestream celebrating the release of pop-star Tyla’s debut album. In reference to the track ‘IDK’ the South African star exclaimed, ‘that was the best by far’, complimenting Kalenbree’s collaboration with Chrisnxtdoor.  

Kalenbree’s Sexy 70’s Sunflower Soiree is taking place April 6th on 1269 Pryor St.SW in Atlanta, GA from 7:30pm-12am. If you can’t make the celebrations, why not give love to her immaculate discography in anticipation of her new EP Chrysalis releasing May / June.

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