The Round-Up (05/04/24)

Spring has officially sprung people. The clocks are moving forward and the days are getting longer. Let’s celebrate with some fresh tunes.


With a funky guitar riff ‘OUTLAW’ begins and Angel White’s soulful vocals come in, blending enticingly with the sliding guitar. This smooth and groovy country track tells the story of a cowboy skipping town after an argument with a lover, and there’s just something about sad cowboy tales that we cannot get enough of. The track is beautifully mixed with Angels’s voice at the front and the soft guitar trailing behind, making an addictive tune that is satisfyingly easy to listen to. The Texas-based artist is releasing his debut project GHOST OF THE WEST: VOLUME I in May, and we can expect to hear a delicious blend of country, folk, and soul that makeup his unique sound. [CC]

Also new this week…

Elle Darlington – One More Night
Shimmering synths and light, bouncy guitars coat this track in sparkling club vibes, turning any room into an instant dance floor. Elle’s high and at times whispery vocals give feelings of Ariana Grande, not to mention the message about leaving a man wanting just one more night with her (ahem, all of Positions). Our recommendation? Put this on the playlist at your next Girls’ Night as it’s guaranteed to hype up the gals, while leaving you looking ultra cool putting them onto an artist that’s surely about to make some big waves. [RG]

Good Neighbours – Keep It Up
Following their impressive debut single, Good Neighbours is back with another uplifting, euphoric track. ‘Keep It Up’ is a breath of fresh air, it’s an anthem of hope and positivity backed by bright drums and deliciously fun piano chords. Good Neighbours create cinematic songs that transport and enrapture you. It’s guaranteed that you’ll feel all the positivity while listening to this tune. [CC]

LULU. – Let Go
Rising star LULU. returns with a new single ‘Let Go’, alongside the announcement of her debut EP, ‘Dear Disorientated Soul’, which will be released on May 15th. Tackling themes of liberation and self-discovery, her ethereal vocals fuse seamlessly with the lush instrumentation, allowing her vulnerability to shine through. The 21-year-old British and Nigerian Afro-Soul singer-songwriter blends Afrobeats and Soul, resulting in a deeply resonating listen, with the expressive and soulful sounds leaving a lasting impression on the listener. [GC]

Pop Miri – Cost of Being Loved
I’ve simply melted away listening to this on repeat today. This new release from Pop Miri is full of dreamy guitar chords and blissful vocals, which is what we’ve come to expect from the artist so far. The glistening music video is worth checking out, too, and I’m super curious how many arcade tickets were won while filming… [LW]

Victory Lap – Jealousy
Gothic, moody, noir-infused outfit Victory Lap have been making waves in the live music scene here in Nottingham as of late, with support slots and festival appearances aplenty. But their presence on streaming services has been minimal. That is, until now. Their debut single ‘Jealousy’ continues the magic of their live show, with the deep, captivating vocals and strong, powerful guitars perfectly capturing the 1950s-esque atmosphere that they craft on stage. This has earned them a dedicated fan base up until this point and it’s certain that it’s only going to continue to grow. [GC]

Grace Cummings – A Precious Thing
For anyone new to Grace, now is the perfect time to get hooked. With her album out as well you’re in for a treat. ‘A Precious Thing’ hits you like a quiet storm. The delicate instrumentation tailor-made to Cummings’ voice attributes the quiet half of its title, but lyrics like ‘Love is just a thing that I’m trying to live without’ are the reason for the latter half of its label. So ease your way into this new day with the company of this Australian songbird. [TM]

Kojaque is back after the runaway success of his latest LP “PHANTOM OF THE AFTERS”, with a brand new track. ‘EASTSIDE’ quickly lays down a synth heavy beat, as Kojaque talks us through a nausea inducing night out repeating ‘Just another day that you dont mind filling’. We seriously reccomend you fill your day with all things Kojaque, including the excellent music video that pairs with the latest track from the indeppendent Irish rapper. [AW]

Scattered Ashes – Kingdom
I love any music that’s as Irish and brooding as I am, and that’s why Scattered Ashes tick all the boxes for me. And the good news keeps coming: after a few years of stark, gothic and insanely addictive singles they’ve finally announced that their debut EP is coming this June. Mark my words: Scattered Ashes are a band to get excited about. [VG]

Contributor Key:
[CC] Cat Campbell, [GC] Gemma Cockrell, [LW] Lydia Webb, [RG] Rory Graham, [TM] Thomas Melia, [AW] Angus Wright, [VG] Vicky Greer

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