The Round-Up (12/04/24)

Hey, the quantity may be lighter than normal this week, but the quality certainly isn’t. Here’s some of our favourite new discoveries from the week behind us.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Imogen and the Knife – Mother of God

Impressive debut track from an artist to watch – Imogen and the Knife. ‘Mother of God’ is the perfect example of how to showcase yourself to the world: it’s refined, self-assured and powerful. The song is beautifully arranged and features momentous horns, but it’s the seductive vocals that really stand out and make you hit the repeat button. [LW]

Also new this week…

Josienne Clark – Fear of Falling
Wow. What a vocal on this one. Josienne has what I can only describe as a timeless voice, and it’s perfectly fit for a somber ballad like ‘Fear of Falling’. As an added bonus, the song feels a bit like springtime, which is quite welcome right about now. Check this out and be prepared to be immediately enamored. [TJ]

MELTS – Clouded
With their signature mind-melting sound, MELTS bring spades of heavy synths and warped guitar distortion on their latest track.The outfit from Dublin have built a reputation for producing hypnotic songs with plenty of noise and ‘Clouded’ is no different. If the rest of their upcoming album Field Theory leans the same way, we are in for a real treat. [AW]

Casey MQ – Me, I Think I Found It
There’s only one acceptable word you can use to describe this song… dreamy. There must be something in the Canadian atmosphere because this song was like a wave of fresh air floating across the Atlantic Ocean and skimming the water’s surface until it made its way to my lucky ears here in the UK. If there’s one thing MQ has successfully mastered, it’s production. Assisted by Cecile Believe, Casey’s track is perfectly balanced from vocals right through to individual instrumentation. So delicate yet so powerful. [TM]

Night Swimming – Evergreen
It’s about “the uncertainty of not knowing where you stand in a relationship. Despite this, it is also an expression of deep feeling for someone.” Night Swimming’s ‘Evergreen’ is a dense, layered track, heightened by the recording process, which was completed live to tape. The unique structure, comprised of three verses and two hooks, allows the track to build up in intensity over time, resulting in a captivating and impactful listen. [GC]

Cola – Pollar Tricks
Go ahead, Cola: tell me you listen to The Strokes without saying you listen to The Strokes. These lot – a very difficult band to find on the internet, mind you – take that pretty head-on with their new single, ‘Pollar Tricks’. If you’re into that sort of thing, this one’s definitely for you. Raw and a little noisy, this sounds as if it came straight out the hipster side of NYC. [TJ]

Contributor Key:
[GC] Gemma Cockrell, [LW] Lydia Webb, [TJ] TJ Foster, [TM] Thomas Melia, [AW] Angus Wright

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