Bea Stewart

Bea Stewart takes us through her new EP ‘Sorry I’m So Sensitive’, track by track

Sorry I’m so sensitive is an EP that sums up a lot of the feelings I’ve experienced in the first half of my 20’s and is really a collection of songs that have helped me on my journey of allowing myself to be sensitive without fear of being weak or embarrassing.

I Don’t Wanna Love You

‘I Don’t Wanna Love You’ anymore is the first track on the EP and where the title Sorry I’m So Sensitive comes from. I wrote it just after I had been called sensitive for having a very rational emotional response to being let down over and over again. Women are often framed as being weak for being emotional (i.e. being able to feel and communicate emotions effectively) however, I’m learning that it’s possible to be soft and strong and that being ‘sensitive’ is a quality I want to embrace more. It may make me vulnerable to pain but it’s also what makes me kind and empathetic and a good friend. I couldn’t write the songs I do if I wasn’t sensitive so I guess I’m not sorry I’m so sensitive. 

Talking To Your Sunflowers

Track 2 is ‘Talking To Your Sunflowers’. It’s about my experience of leaving and missing home/being missed by home. It’s young and innocent and not very cool but very honest. It’s an insight into my relationship with my dad – we’re super close and I want him to be proud of me and see me as a strong independent adult although that’s not normally how I feel. This song really exposes that… and that’s ok. I hope it makes you call your parents. 

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

‘Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself’ is a reminder to be kind to yourself the way you would be to your friends. I’m very lucky to have super supportive friends who I know always have my back. I wrote this song with Oskar Winberg and Katie Sutherland shortly after a night I had come home to my friends pretty upset and even though they all had to get up for work in the morning, they had the wine ready and were there to listen with no judgment, just love. 

Jake From Minnesota

Last but not least is ‘Jake From Minnesota’. This is the lightest song on the EP. It’s pretty simple, it’s a story about a boy I met called Jake who was from Minnesota. Writing this song was also part of a process of allowing myself to have a connection with a stranger just for fun and not deep it – its ok to have fun and get carried away romanticising the experience by writing a song about it. Just a holiday romance with no harm done.

Listen to the new album Sorry I’m So Sensitive by Bea Stewart on Spotify HERE.

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