The Round-Up (19/04/24)

We’re well aware everyone’s joining the tortured poets’ society today, but in between the inevitable repeated listens and Easter egg hunts, we urge you to check out these other new tunes below.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Connie Campsie – Burner

I made a burner Instagram to see what’s on your page…’ may be the most chronically-online generation lyric I’ve heard to date. And to kick off the latest single from Connie Campsie, it’s absolute perfection. Connie relays the pitfalls of having constant visibility to a former partner’s life in such heartbreaking fashion. This is a gorgeous tune, and one not to miss in the midst of your inevitable Taylor frenzy today. [TJ]

Also new this week…

Walt Disco – Jocelyn
Glasgow’s Walt Disco unveiled the third single from their upcoming sophomore album The Warping this week – ‘Jocelyn’ is a tender meditation on childhood, identity and the parent-child connection, taking the form of a dreamlike conversation between co-songwriter and singer Jocelyn Si and their mother. Exploring Jocelyn’s journey with gender identity, from the isolation of hiding a part of yourself to the euphoria of the times when you can let it out, the track has a transformative feeling to it, as feelings of shame are shed and left in the past in favour of joy and acceptance. [GC]

Make Friends – Loaded Fun
‘Loaded Fun’ is a punchy post-break up tune from Bristol-based group Make Friends. Its driving drum beat carries the song, and elevates the racing energy from the lyrics that are about “escaping demons from your past”. The vibes are like a yummy Bloc Party and Foals soup… [LW]

Molly Payton – Accelerate
‘Accelerate’ is a perfect answer to the question “what if someone wrote a ’90s alt-rock hit in 2024?” Molly Payton delivers something both nostalgic and fresh here, a true banger that’s as loud as it is tidy. [TJ]

Yoshika Cowell – Adelaide
Building an eerie, haunting soundscape, ‘Adelaide’ is “a song about tension and release. About repetition of unhealthy patterns, hurting yourself and others because of a fear of being radically honest,” Yoshika explains. These emotions are captured in the song, an intense three and a half minutes from a future star of the contemporary folk scene. [JR]

Mothica – Curiosity Killed the Moth
‘Curiosity Killed The Moth’ is a neon-noir dream steeped in angst and brooding lyricism. It’s a little bit creepy and absolutely irresistible, blending electropop with emo in Mothica’s typical style. Come for the unforgettable chorus, stay for the incredible visuals. [VG]

The Pleasure Dome – Your Fucking Smile
I don’t do drugs… but the combination of this song and its accompanying video made me feel a bit like I’m on something. Whether that’s a ringing endorsement or a cautionary one, I’ll let you decide and leave it at that. If there’s one thing I can get behind though, it’s that ‘nobody’s fucking special…’ [TJ]

PVRIS – Oil and Water
Following previous single ‘Burn The Witch’, which was a collaboration with Tommy Genesis and Alice Longyu Gao, PVRIS’ latest track ‘Oil and Water’ is less cutting and heavy, leaning more heavily on Lynn Gunn’s upbeat, pop-leaning tendencies. The driving drum beat and soaring chorus make this a highlight of PVRIS’ discography in recent years, rediscovering sounds which are somewhat reminiscent of their debut ‘White Noise’, while maintaining a fresh and exciting feel. [GC]

Tyler Childers – Going Home (Live)
As textbook as a Cole Palmer penalty, Tyler Childers’ live performance of ‘Going Home’ oozes with the class we’ve come to know from the Kentucky song master. [JR]

Dirty Nice – Like Best Friends
From the composer of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared and musician Mark Thompson, comes musical project Dirty Nice. ‘Like Best Friends’ is a psyched, surf rock groove with real earworm potential. Be sure to check out the band’s social media content, too, with eccentric animated characters that bring their music to life. [LW]

Slow Fiction – January
Slow Fiction are back with another single off of thier upcoming EP, Crush. ‘January’ is a forceful track filled with 90’s nostalgia and the perfect amount of grunge. Brutally honest in typical Slow Fiction style, the track is full of gut-wrenching lyrics like, ‘You know I’m evil / well you are too’ and ‘You are the worst thing I ever, ever did.’ [CC]

Contributor Key:
[GC] Gemma Cockrell, [LW] Lydia Webb, [TJ] TJ Foster, [VG] Vicky Greer, [JR] Johnny Rogerson, [CC] Cat Campbell

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