Maruja takes us through their new EP ‘Connla’s Well’, track by track

Maruja have just released their second EP today, entitled Connla’s Well, and they have taken us through all five tracks.

Connla’s Well

The title track of the EP, ‘Connla’s Well’ plunges the listener through a cataclysm of blissful yet destructive sounds. This opener depicts the tale of how one came to a renowned well to find the forbidden wisdom of Gods, and how those same Gods wrathfully punished them for seeking what is not theirs. With the well itself now under the sea [what is now the River Shannon, Ireland], or in the Otherworld, the legend presumably stands as a cautionary tale on greed, equivalent to that of the Garden of Eden.

The Invisible Man

‘The Invisible Man’ is a sonic journey, taking the listener through a serenity that is both solemn and poetic, only for the world to rip and tear itself apart into breathtaking disarray. It is one of our most dynamic and powerful songs to date, and is a perfect amalgamation of every stylistic element that makes up our music. Similar to ‘Connla’s Well’, this song also tells a story, though it is more of a modern-day tragedy than a cautionary tale. At the heart of ‘The Invisible Man’ is a grief that is both personal and universal, and too often goes unnoticed – the mental health epidemic.  


“The general, intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.” This is the definition of the word ‘zeitgeist’, and the third track of this EP sets out to represent that definition through the modern lens of today’s chaos. ‘Zeitgeist’ is a brisk surge of anger, frustration and anxiety. It is a reflection of how many in society feel deep-down about the fast-paced monotony of 9-to-5 madness and unprecedented political turmoil. At the same time, the song urges listeners to let go of trying so hard to keep up with an increasingly complex world, and seek peace from within. 

One Hand Behind The Devil

Tying in with the previous track both sonically and lyrically, ‘One Hand Behind The Devil’ is a deep dive into psychedelic industrial mayhem, a noisy soundscape paired with heedful words on pain and its long-reaching effects on our world. Ultimately, the track’s message states that there is a choice within us all; a choice between good and bad. We can use our pain to power ourselves further, or we can let it contort us – “hurt people hurt people.”

Resisting Resistance

Closing off the EP is an instrumental odyssey; a long-awaited calm after a ravenous storm. “Resisting Resistance” is melancholic yet hopeful, with no words needed to convey its message, save the music itself. Much like ‘The Tinker’ from our first EP ‘Knocknarea’, the music begins from a calmness that is tranquil, then rises to a climax full of euphoria and desperation – an anguish that can only be healed through tears. The track returns to calmness, and drifts on until it loses itself in the peace it set out to conceive.

Listen to the new EP Connla’s Well by Maruja on Spotify HERE.

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