Lauren Harris
Lauren Harris

Rachel Chinouriri invites us into her world on intimate debut

Perhaps the buzziest name in indie pop in the UK, Rachel Chinouriri’s debut album has been a long time coming. What A Devastating Turn of Events proves to be well worth the wait, stamped with Chinouriri’s intimate lyricism and eclectic sound, and the songs she shares with the world this week are breathtakingly personal. Veering between comedy and tragedy, Rachel Chinouriri isn’t afraid to explore every nook and cranny of modern life. Consistently charming and comfortingly relatable, What A Devastating Turn of Events is an undeniably impressive debut.

Opening up with the expansive nature sounds and experimental vocalising of ‘Garden of Eden,’ Chinouriri sets a strong statement of intent that this album will push boundaries. Whether she’s opting for a soft and sweet acoustic number on ‘Pocket’ or embracing clutter and chaos on ‘My Everything’ and ‘Cold Call,’ she does not do things by halves.

‘It Is What It Is’ channels the fun pop of Caity Baser as she untangles her thoughts in spoken word verses before slipping into the sweet vocals of the chorus. This track begins a remarkable trilogy of songs in the middle of the album, flowing into the infinitely relatable ‘Dumb Bitch Juice.’ A true woman of the people, Rachel Chinouriri isn’t afraid to own up to the mistakes and poor decisions that we’re all guilty of. It sits like a comforting hand on your shoulder, assuring that you aren’t alone in your folly.

Fun pop and relatable tunes give way to the powerhouse title track, ‘What A Devastating Turn of Events.’ Gut-wrenching and poignant, it shows just how quickly a life can fall apart. Touching lyrics seem to come effortlessly to her, as she delivers tragedy with unexpected nonchalance. This is a song that will stay with you a long time after you listen to it.

Equally cutting is the frankly-titled ‘I Hate Myself’, lamenting the long-lasting damage of Y2k diet culture as she declares that ‘Looks can kill and they almost did…’. It’s one of the most vulnerable moments of the album, a painfully accurate depiction of body dysmorphia and disordered eating that concludes with affirmations to heal the vicious cycle.

On What A Devastating Turn of Events, we hear the extent of Rachel Chinouriri’s multifaceted musical talent. Peppered with offhand recording comments and radio-style patter, it’s an intimate look into her life and times that draws you into her world. If this is what she can achieve on her debut record, there’s no limit to where her career will go.

Haiku Review
Vulnerable and charming
Swap your Dumb Bitch Juice for
This lasting debut

What A Devastating Turn of Events is available today, and can be streamed or purchased right here.

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