The Round-Up (10/05/24)

It officially (and finally) feels like spring here in London. The sun is shining and the city has come to life. I have been walking around all week with an extra pep in my step — probably due to the boost of vitamin D, but also because of some great new tunes. Here are some that you should check out:

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Katie and the Bad Sign – Cruel to Me

The first official song release from Katie and the Bad Sign has dropped this week, and it’s a stunner. ‘Cruel to Me’ is a passionate, rocky tune that calls attention to Katie’s addictively raspy and unique vocals. A fiery electric guitar acts as the backbone of the track and makes lyrics like, ‘And you could take the time to understand why / you’re so cruel to me’ hit even harder. K&TBS is a band to keep on your radar, and we are excited to see what comes next for them. [CC]

Also new this week…

EADES – Liquid Gold
Eades are a collective from Leeds. Picking a band name which sounds so similar to the place where they’re from maybe confusing, there’s no denying this song is easy to get behind. With a catchy drum and guitar leading the instrumental and lyrics with a relatable story behind them, this collective know how to create a banger. The strumming of the guitar which acts as a build up to the chorus would be a blessing to see live, this song was made for pleasing a crowd. [TM]

Holly Macve – Wonderland

Hauntingly honest, ‘Wonderland’ is an elegant display of Holly Macve’s impressive lyricism. The prominent strings coupled with Holly’s sultry vocals makes the tune feel yearning and wistful. The song is about something in life ending to make way for something else, something even better, a wonderful sentiment, if you will. [CC]

ELENI DRAKE – Let it Go and Let it Be

I’m not one to judge a book by its cover but I did stumble upon this album artwork and wanted to see if the cover reflected the music, and it does! The song is like a cup of tea, it needs to be paired with a biscuit, or in this case, Summer. Drake’s vocal style is relaxing and paired with the mellow instrumentation makes this song suitable for anyone. So go on, Let it Go and Let it Be… [TM]

Gurriers – Close Call

This untamed Irish band has recently caught my interest and ‘Close Call’ has completely fueled the fire. Energetic and noisy in typical Gurriers fashion, ‘Close Call’ feels nerve wracking (in a good way, almost like an adrenaline boost). Personally, I am a sucker for anything with an overly intense guitar, and this is exactly that. [CC]

Bonny Light Horseman Old Dutch

I was very excited to hear ‘Old Dutch’, and it did not disappoint. The tune feels retrospective yet yearning, a tale about the impact of a strong love. Framed as a conversation, the song is a beautiful duet, making it feel all the more intense. [CC]

Luke BlackDrinking Jack With Daddy

Delving into the pressure to conform to societal notions of masculinity and gain a father’s approval, London Serbian artist Luke Black’s latest track ‘Drinking Jack with Daddy’ (taken from forthcoming album Chainsaws in Paradise, due May 24th) tackles the topic of men’s mental health in a unique and thought provoking manner. Whisky consumption becomes a test of manhood, as the trauma that can accompany the pressure of meeting society’s unrealistic expectations weaves over a dark-pop backdrop. [GC]

Josienne Clarke Double Edged Sword

“The more time I work in the music industry the more I believe success within it is a matter of endurance and resilience,” says Josienne Clarke of her new song, ‘Double-Edged Sword’. A folky singer-songwriter combination of The Stone Roses ‘Waterfall’ meets Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’, this is an uplifting slice of folk which induces feelings of bliss and relaxation to anyone listening. [GC]

Contributor Key:
[TM] Thomas Melia, [CC] Cat Campbell, Gemma Cockrell [GC]

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