You Should Definitely ‘Give A Damn’ About Vicky Farewell

The sound of this project was no secret to avid Farewell enjoyers, with two singles ‘Push It’ and ‘Tern Me On’ being released before the project dropped fully. Listeners have already had a very brief introduction into the world of Give A Damn.  

Photo Credits: Robb Klassen

‘Intro’, also titled ‘Remember Me’, is an instrumental which foregrounds the album. Its name is accurate as this 2:32 long track helps listeners understand the sound which runs alongside Vicky’s vocals throughout the LP. It’s interesting to note that the close cohesion of the record’s ten songs doesn’t take away from the dynamics between each track. The sound may dance around from ear to ear, but it’s hard to forget.

Although the second track in the running order is denoted as ‘Semi Auto’, there is nothing semi-automatic about this LP. Farewell has self-written and produced making this a fully manual operation. All made from her residence in California; what an impressive feat. The cover is reflective of the ‘Push It’ video, sticking with this beach-like aesthetic. Listening to the album itself is self-soothing, her vocals one of the main factors in enticing an audience with her light and airy style.

‘Baby would you mind if I give you a talking to?’ is the opening line to ‘Textbook’ and for an album so chilling and daydreamy, these lyrics are upfront and direct. As much as the melodies and feather-like harmonies float into your ears, the way the lyrics greet an audience is the polar opposite. ‘I don’t wanna see you again / No, I don’t want to see you’ acts a stern message from the singer, demonstrating she’s in control. Instead of choosing between fight or flight, Vicky decides to use both: using the lyrical content to fight and her wistful vocals to fly through any ear. This track shows the Orange County performer using her graceful vocal delivery to clearly communicate feelings, overall acting as one of the standout moments of this album.

This idea of contrast isn’t limited to just one album track either. The second single, ‘Tern Me On,’ although musically cohesive, visually is quite the opposite. The beach aesthetic is intertwined into every track keeping them all bundled together, however the music video for the second single strays away from this image. It sees Vicky as a bride searching room to room for a man to walk her down the aisle, but the ending takes an unlikely turn. The synths used are cheerful and chirpy, like a fluttering new romance.

Ending with the hopeful words of ‘I will always be there’, is a message to newcomers or continued fans of this artist. Vicky is not leaving the music scene anytime soon. The mastermind behind this body of work stated “I needed to embrace vulnerability in order to meet my deeper self,” and let’s hope we continue to meet Vicky as we progress with our lives and future releases from this artist.

The album’s title should’ve sunk in by now: if you didn’t give a damn about Vicky Farewell before, you definitely should now.

Why not give a damn?
Vicky can’t be forgotten
Love, The Rodeo

Give A Damn is out now on all major streaming platforms, including Bandcamp.

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