The Round-Up (17/05/24)

It’s round-up time again! We are currently heading to Brighton’s The Great Escape festival this weekend where The Rodeo will be putting on a stage lined up with some of our favourite artists. If you are going to be at the festival, come say hi! If you can’t make it, we will be posting all of the updates on our socials (@therodeomag). No matter your weekend plans, we have some fantastic new tunes to carry you through…

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Yoshika Colwell – Please

One of my favourite folk voices right now, Yoshika Colwell, has released a new track off her upcoming debut EP There’s A Time. ‘Please’ is intimate and quietly emotional, all about the ending of a relationship. I am currently listening to ‘Please’ on a train, staring longingly out of the window at the English countryside — needless to say, it feels very fitting. With lyrics like, ‘I’ve been wishing on stars / It never comes out right‘, ‘Please’ is a tune that sparks feeling and contemplation, and it is well worth the listen. [CC]

Also new this week…

Martial Arts – DEFECTOR
As the lead singer of the band states ‘I wouldn’t know where to start’, as a newcomer to this group, ‘Martial Arts’ is a great introduction. Described as a post-punk band, they’re a textbook definition of the genre, playing into the style completely. The instantaneous opening captivates your ears, aided by a fascinating melody and vocals. The outro consisting of an extended instrumental really draws attention to the background details in the song, there’s really lots to discuss. What a perfect way to spend four and a half minutes of your time!  [TM]

Swim Surreal – Bloom

The mysterious Swim Surreal have teamed up with everlasting duo Zero 7 once again to create quite the groovy track. Every corner of this song is filled with electronic textures blooming around mellow vocals, giving a whole new meaning to the track’s title. The collaborators continue to show their mastery dynamically, giving listeners the swells and falls that add yet another later to an already complex, enticing sound. As they sing about new beginnings, we can’t wait to see where Swim Surreal takes us next. [RG]

Nada Surf – In Front Of Me Now

I’m not one to judge a book by its cover but I did stumble upon this album artwork and wanted to see if the cover reflected the music, and it does! The song is like a cup of tea, it needs to be Nada Surf’s unbelievably consistent blend of indie rock is on full display with new single, ‘In Front of Me Now’. They’ve been crafting some of the finest indie rock this side of mainstream since the ’90s, and it seems like they have no plans to stop. Excited to see a new record on the horizon from these lot later this year.  [TJ]

John Myrtle – How Do You Break a Heart?

Recorded with The Lemon Twigs, Father John Misty and Weyes Blood producer Jonathan Rado, Birmingham-born, London-based singer/songwriter John Myrtle is back after three years with new single ‘How Do You Break a Heart?’. While sustaining his distinctive style of blushing melodies and 60s-pop-referencing folk textures, this track sees Myrtle take a bold leap forward in other areas, upgrading the recording process to produce a more polished version of these sounds. The instinctive, nostalgic joy that is characertistic of his music still drenches the track, as his approach of ad-libbing the words on the spot and treating the performance of the vocal like he was an actor on stage brings it to life. [GC]

Martha Rose Chin Up

Berlin-based, English instrumentalist, Martha Rose has shared the final single from her forthcoming album, ‘Close to Close’ (out 31st May on Mansions and Millions). Ballad ‘Chin Up’ sees Martha trying to tell herself to be brave and keep her chin up when faced with rejection. Reflecting the album’s wider theme of dreams that won’t let you let go, Martha described the track as “a friendly ride along a melancholy road” and we couldn’t agree more. Leaning on the mellow charms of sweet country music, this is an uplifting, vulnerable, honest, and heart-warming listen. [GC]

rlyblondeDumb Blonde

Avril Lavigne is having quite a moment. The sheer variety of her disciples coming out of the woodwork is just incredible, and I can’t say it was on my 2024 bingo card. rlyblonde is another iteration, blending brash pop-punk with a slight country twinge, all creating an Elle Woods-worthy anthem. [TJ]

Orla Gartland Little Chaos

I guess this makes me old, but this is the first I’m hearing of Orla Gartland and yet she’s got three sold out shows next week in Dublin, London and Bristol. ‘It’s a good day for a meltdown…’ she sings amid the first verse, and those are woods I think we can all relate to. Grateful this one found its way into my inbox this week, because I’ll certainly be keeping an ear out for more. Until then, the earworm that is ‘Little Chaos’ will be firmly stuck in my brain. [TJ]

Contributor Key:
[TM] Thomas Melia, [CC] Cat Campbell, Gemma Cockrell [GC], TJ Foster [TJ], Rory Graham [RG]

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