Lip Filler take us through the influences of their new EP ‘witchescrew’

Lip Filler have just released their new EP, entitled witchescrew, and they have taken us through some of their biggest influences on the project.

Song: Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

I think this song sums up how and where we took our influences from for witchescrew pretty well. The way Gorillaz interpolated such a wide spectrum of genres alongside various artists really set a golden standard for creative collaboration in pop music during the 2000s. That sound hasn’t really been tapped into since. In a lot of ways, I feel like we want to achieve that eclectic style of songwriting within the context of Lip Filler. “Its not deep” & “followup” do this especially well.

Album: 100 gecs – 10,000 gecs

When we were on the road for Dot2Dot Festival last summer, our mate Jacob  played us the new 100 gecs album that had just came out (10,000 gecs). Some of us were already fans of these lot and enjoyed the first record, but this was absolutely ridiculous. We were all just losing our fucking minds together in a minivan on the M4. Shit was wild. Beautiful moment. Safe to say it had a massive influence on EP 2.

Film: Good Time

I remember watching this film for the first time on FaceTime with Verity & Theo in a Netflix Party session during COVID in 2020. It follows Robert Pattinson trying to bail his brother out of jail by doing some illegal stuff. It’s as beautifully shot as it is intense and anxiety inducing. Oneohtrix Point Never’s soundtrack also particularly resonated with me. The erratic energy paired with the instantaneous beat & mood switches on witchescrew also embodies this in a difficult-to-digest way. 

Wildcard: EP Name Origin
The name witchescrew is based on a spooky story of the first night we all moved into our old uni flat where we eventually formed the band. We invited a load of strangers back who then started speaking in a made-up language which sounded like parseltongue. We were terrified and asked them to leave. For a while, we didn’t speak much of that night until it was jokingly brought up when drafting ideas for band names. Since then it’s become something else altogether.

Listen to the new EP witchescrew by Lip Filler on Spotify HERE.

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