Hi. Are you stuck in the 90s? Have you been involved in a music evolution that wasn’t your fault? Why not try Liam Gallagher’s newest single, ‘Shockwave’.

LG is back and is still ‘fucking mega’, but only if you ask LG himself; fantastic news for all those die-hard Oasis fans who can’t let go. Fuck Noel with his clever albums, his commendable song-writing and his High Flying Birds, we want the same old shit we’ve heard since 1994.

It’s just as well, then, that Liam has teased a clip of his awaited new track, ‘Shockwave’, because in those 54 seconds our wildest fears are laid to rest: it seems it’s actually nothing too ‘shocking’ after all! Phew! There’s a slight progression, sure, we love the harmonicas, that featured on the lead single of his last album – I love the way he literally changes nothing.

The track will be the first single off his upcoming album, ‘WHY ME, WHY NOT?’, which I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know is meant to be Liam’s solo equivalent to ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory’. This is great, a huge relief really, seeing as his 2017 solo debut ‘As You Were’ seemed to be a collection of Oasis B-sides tossed in with a few spin-offs, and I was really worried we’d have to face another new sound.

And if you thought there wasn’t enough LG this year, there’s a film on the bastard coming out soonish.
Words by Liv Cowle

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