Mermaidens talk guitar pedals, stickers and masks

Hello again! It feels like ages since we last talked… how have things been since then? You’ve announced and released new music, and finished your UK tour
Hello, it has been a while! We have been very busy, it can be a lot of work being in this power-thruple. Last year we had our heads down with writing and recording and this is a year of action. A few months ago we dropped a 7” and we’re putting out an album called Look Me in the Eye on September 6th. I Might Disappear is the first single off this new album and also comes with the exciting news that we are going to be returning to the UK and Europe in September!

We’ve seen you’re releasing your own effects pedal! What inspired this? And why’s it called ‘Moon Cycle’? Have you got any other crazy ideas for merch, a bottle opener or mouse mat perhaps?
Our upcoming album is layered with freaky wobbly chorus/tremolo modulation so it made total sense to create a pedal that could do it all. Plus, it was a great excuse to collaborate with the super talent that is Emerald Rose. Emerald is our fave shredder, budding amp builder and one-time Mermaidens touring drummer.

We called it the Moon Cycle because it can go from gentle and happy to wild and biting, akin to the rollercoaster of hormones across the menstrual cycle. And, let’s face it, we have to disarm the rock music establishment one feminist guitar pedal at a time. 

No mouse mats, next merch item will be stickers cause we’ve really dropped the ball when it comes to the classics. 

How does it feel to spend your lives creating? Do you get frustrated with aspects that hinder your ability to get in the ‘zone’?
We work really hard on the band, and we’re lucky to be able to do so, but we also work freelance day jobs to help pay the bills. We wish that we could spend more time creating and just playing music but so often find ourselves one hundred emails deep in band admin. 

And what experiences can you think of when you all sit down and think “shit we’ve done something incredible?” Or perhaps you don’t have these moments?
To be honest, I think this album is pretty much that moment. For as long as we’ve been a band our ideas have been really ambitious and we’ve often written parts beyond our playing ability. But to us Look Me in the Eye sounds like what we’ve been reaching for all this time, it just took 7 years of playing and experience to get here.   

No mouse mats, next merch item will be stickers cause we’ve really dropped the ball when it comes to the classics. 

Your new record delves into the idea of an exterior face and an interior consciousness. What role does a mask or character play in your day to day lives, and your presence on stage? Do you strive to be “real” or believe that can never be the case? 
Being in a band and having these audience facing experiences has really encouraged a fascination with these exterior masks/interior worlds. We strive to be real and open, lyrically, our songs are so exposed, yet we can only share a certain facet of ourselves. Performing on stage can be riveting or challenging – you can’t control how you feel that day, and in the minutes before playing. Especially touring, night after night, it often feels like putting on our stage clothes and personas just tidies up all our rough edges and messy feelings.

You’ve said that ‘I Might Disappear’ is about the experience of being vulnerable. Do you feel vulnerable when you release music or put aspects of yourselves on-show to the public?
Of course, there is a vulnerability when we open ourselves up to the abyss of the indie rock world. But we are blessed to have each other and a very wonderful audience as support. This latest announcement was just euphoric, we couldn’t wait to share it and include others with what we’ve been up to. 

What is your mission as artists, is there something you strive to be or strive to create? Or is your role as an artist predominantly something you undertake for yourselves, to discover more of who you are, or put into words or performances things you can’t otherwise express?
We strive to be prolific. We want to share our perspectives and freaky sonic ideas with others and bring them into the fold of our weird musical world. We are so lucky to have this avenue to explore ideas; only recently have we really taken it by the reigns and become braver and more confrontational with both lyrics and composition. It’s not just for ourselves, songs can be personal without being self-serving. Our experiences and perspectives can be re-interpreted and maybe help someone with what they’re going through. Depending on the person it could mean they do some angry headbanging or know that the thing they are feeling is universal. 

Let’s face it, we have to disarm the rock music establishment one feminist guitar pedal at a time. 

Are your experiences as a listener and as a performer separate, or do they cross over?
I’m a diehard fan of so much music and can feel this fandom without comparing myself to the artist. But there is a bit of crossover – having a bit of a window into the music world makes me want to know all their secrets. I’m fascinated by other artists live performances, especially those that can engage a crowd with their banter – it’s a mystery to me. 

What’s the plan for the rest of the year? 
It’s a big, beautiful, busy year for us. Our new album, Look Me in the Eye, is coming out on September 6th and we’ll have lots of fresh vinyl to peddle. In the months leading up to the release we’ve got lots of eye candy to release with more music videos and live sessions – so keep an eye out! We’re also working on our air miles too and are touring in Australia, and returning to the UK and Europe. 

Europe/UK tour dates 
12 Sept  Thursday Mokka  Thun CH
14 Sept  Saturday Humbug Basel CH
19 Sept Thursday La Peniche Cancale Dijon France
20 Sept  Friday Psycho Mind Tilburg The Netherlands 
21 Sept  Saturday Elsewhere Margate UK
22 Sept  Sunday The Library Oxford UK
23 Sep  Monday The Hug And Pint Glasgow UK
24 Sep  Tuesday Picture House Social Sheffield UK
25 Sep  Wednesday Old Blue Last London UK
27 Sep  Friday Naiv Music Festival Dortmund Germany
28 Sep  Saturday Stathe Utrecht The Netherlands 
29 Sep  Sunday Hafen 2 Offenbach Germany
30 Sep  Monday Botanique Brussels Belgium

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