Friendly Fires – Inflorescent

Friendly Fires – Inflorescent
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Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.

If ever there was a cure for the late-summer blues, oh boy, this is surely it. Grey skies be gone – grab those maracas and let’s dance, baby.

Following eight years in hiding, the trio have made an awesome comeback with Inflorescent: a groovy, synth-fuelled tribute to 80’s disco-funk. It’s true, the band carry forward that same cheese and simplicity you’d find in the lyrics back then, but more than make up for it by way of infectious rhythm consistent throughout the album – best believe they’re slapping that bass into oblivion.

It’s the kind of thing you’d find in one of those corner tents at a festival, side-lined by the big house tracks now taking over the early hours of the morning. Actually, if you stand up, close your eyes and spin around a bit for full simulated inebriation, it almost feels like you’re still there. Heck, is DOES feel like you’re still there. The room is ablaze with Friendly Fires.

Inflorescent has achieved grade A summer nostalgia, and it isn’t even September yet. Live in denial, folks; I’m already looking at dates for Glasto 2020.

Haiku Review
I miss the glitter,
I miss my muddy wellies.
Inflorescent slaps.

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