Big Thief - Two Hands

Big Thief – Two Hands

Big Thief - Two Hands
Big Thief – Two Hands
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University is hardly an easy change to adjust to for anyone, however, it weighs particularly heavy on our new couple. You see, the 18-year-olds have been going out for some time now, but as he packs to go to the University of Sheffield, she is packing her car to jet off to Leeds University, this distance will no doubt cause tension within their relationship.

As they meet at the local coffee shop for their last day together before this life-changing revelation, he hands her a bag, about 12 inches wide, she holds back the tears as she pulls out a new record, Big Thief. This would be their record, her “forgotten tongue is the language of love.” Not a word is said. They hug and part ways later that day after hours of vintage shopping, coffee drinking and vegetarian food consuming.

As the young lass unpacks in her new room, the first thing she does is unwraps the cellophane from the 12-inch record and put the disc on her portable record player. As it spins poetic songs about young love, anguish and separation, the tears tumble down her cheeks. The sombre voice of the lead singer speaks to just her and as the soft guitars and gentle drum beats add to the ambience of a loving despair, she wonders when she will next meet her partner, if ever again?

Haiku Review
Somberly stunning,
Thought-provoking melodies,
Soft Bois hours are here.

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