Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World – Surviving.

Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World – Surviving.
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Jimmy has eaten the world at a birthday party buffet table and this is the bloated aftermath. Continuing their tradition of releasing an album every 3 years (Bleed American being the exception), Surviving really makes you wonder why they bothered. 

The party started 25 years ago when Jimmy and the crew released their debut. Now it has well and truly ended, some people are passed out on the floor, others are throwing up in the bathroom, one guy is half-naked asleep on the couch. It’s all very uncomfortable. But, Jimmy Eat World are trying to keep the party alive. As they bang on the cupboards and smash pans together, fuelled by an unholy amount of jello shots, they yell: “Come on! Let’s partayyy.” But, their attempt is nothing more than that. An attempt. Nobody is paying any attention.

This 10-track release feels watered down in comparison to their previous work, as the band struggle to recapture their former glory. Maybe a better way to look at this album would be as a reflection, albeit a somewhat deflated one, on their prime, just after pres when everyone bright-eyed and having fun.

The result is, well, just poor. The only positive I can find is ‘Criminal Energy’, which becomes increasingly catchy the more you listen to it – it may have made its way into one of my playlists… But everything beside this on the record doesn’t break any boundaries. It’s bland.

Hopefully, Jimmy will call it a day before they start creating monstrosities like MANIA (Fall Out Boy) or Pray For The Wicked (Panic! At The Disco) – some other examples of former pop-punks greats failing at creating relevant music in the modern-day music scene.

Haiku Review
The party is done,
But Jimmy won’t stop singing 
– I just want to leave,

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