One Less Bastard

Organised Scum – One Less Bastard EP

One Less Bastard
Organised Scum – One Less Bastard EP
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One Less Bastard by Organised Scum follows up Compliance with a more niche sound, proving that they’re evolving as a group and are still capable of channelling their energy into robust, original music that challenges the world and its current state of affairs.

Slapping down funky baselines and leaving a heavy foot on the distortion pedal, Tom Duggins and co are making magic, with elements taken from the best of both the past and present. The first single released from the EP, ‘Green Deal’, takes aim at the current climate crisis and rallies for optimism in the fight for our future. Sounding like a punk rock/60s psychedelic hybrid with rash vocals and a warped guitar track, it paints a vivid picture of a hallucinogenic dreamscape. 

Slotting in at no. 3, ‘Skin Up There’ has all the makings of a bonafide indie classic, with strong Strokes vibes and pummeling drums – you’d be hard-pressed to stop your feet moving at some point. If ‘Skin up there’ is Ying, then ‘New Slums In The Sky’ is yang, providing slow melodies in a welcome contrast from the loud and proud guitar riffs of neighbouring tracks.

Putting the world to rights, over the course of 4 unique tracks, Organised Scum have crafted something that resonates with Syd Barrett-era psychedelia and with a lyrical approach that is both intentionally and unintentionally unintelligible. The cracking retro artwork on the cover – a piece work from the legendary Bizzaro novelist, Steve Aylett – personifies the message they’re trying to send perfectly; scrambling for help in a time of crisis.

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