Calva Louise give us Latin-infused music without the bull

Interlude For The Bordeline Unsettled EP
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Latin-infused music came back in a big way towards the end of this decade. And if we’re being honest, most of it was shit. Despacito? Shiiit. That weird one with Beyonce and J Balvin? Boringly shit. And you can’t convince us Little Mix had any idea who CNCO were before ‘Reggaeton Lento’.

So, despite the wait for Calva Louise’s Interlude For The Borderline Unsettled, we knew Jess Allanic and her international charm wouldn’t let us down. She flirts effortlessly between Venezuelan charm and electric, firey vocals stomping across four cohesive tracks.

It seems the group have grown up and delivered a message with each track. It’s not angsty in the immature sense we normally mean, it’s 12 minutes of cathartic energy. All round, It’s a real coming of age release. Looking back at Rhinoceros, it seems like the naive fourteen-year-old version of yourself – you know, when we shopped in Claires and our eyeshadow was colourful and came out of a tube. ‘Interlude’ is more like your older brother’s fit mate lending you a lighter. Yeah, Ryan, we are older and cooler now. We wear black, we listen to EP’s and our noise is more succinct – oh yeah, and it turns out tax is actually a thing.

Interlude For The Borderline Unsettled is bittersweetly short. If anything, it would have been worth the risk of overkill with six tracks – but that’s straying into LP territory. Either way, I want more, which is what any good EP should do, whet the appetite. Don’t leave us hanging Calva.

Haiku Review
My eyeshadow used
to come out of a tube. Now,
I need a lighter.

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