The Round-Up (13/03/20)

Track of the Week: Sinead O’Brien – Fall With Me
Her lyrics, like lullabies for the toxic, are quality. Her rhythms, like rising and falling swords, are quality. Everything about Sinead O’Brien’s work is quality. The songs draw you in. Your ears, like pumice stones, can’t help absorbing, as your mind, porous as a sponge, can’t stop stopping. Your soul, like a horse on a carousel, surrenders to the notion, the familiar and the confusion. This is an ode to the most basic condition: still motion.

Cassia – Do Right
Cassia are a calypso trio from Macclesfield – yup, you heard that right – and ‘Do Right’ is pure piña colada music full of yellow sun, sandy toes and palm trees. The track was written whilst the band lived in Cape Town and Berlin, two very different and very unique places. The result is a tropical and heat-dazed beaut. I know it’s only March but come on, let some sun in, christ knows we need it.

Dream Wife – Sports!
Oh Dream Wife how we’ve missed you! A comeback rife with adrenaline and 8-bit vibrancy, it shines into way into your playlist. If you haven’t had the urge to go to the gym yet, Dream Wife are here to pump you up and get you right into sports!

Es – Hidden Track
This song’s a battle with yourself and others. It’s about that blunt message you get on Facebook or that sly comment off a stranger. It’s about driving yourself crazy, turning yourself inside ou. Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was something, maybe it’s just paranoia, maybe, just maybe, it’s everything all at once *sharp breath* Or, it’s just a cracking song.

Tom Mish & Yussef Days – Lift Off
Honestly one of the smoothest songs I’ve heard in a long while. This absolutely slaps. It’s like sweet sweet caramel in your ear. Beautiful. Cool. Soothing.

MF Tomlinson – You & Me, Babe
There’s nothing like a reassuring hand on your shoulder. That’s what this track is. It’s your best mate saying “hey, get your chin up, it’s going to be alright. No, it’s going to be amazing. Just keep on, keeping on and it’ll come one day, don’t worry. You just can’t stop now, you’re not done yet.”

Psychic Markers – Silence In The Room
Silence is an odd thing. After a long day in a busy office full of shouting and laughter, it’s pure bliss. Put your feet up, have a brew and just sigh in relief at the calm. But it can also be an unnerving thing. Silence can be awkward, unsettling, jarring or even upsetting. ‘Silence In The Room’ explores the many dimension of silence in an ironically banging sound.

Ah, sharp bone saw fuzz, my dear old friend, how’ve you been? SASAMI returns with a song that she wrote on her iPad while on tour. Surprisingly, it’s not a mess. It’s actually excellent. The track explores how people change over the space of a year. Fittingly, the song flits between SASAMI’s understated lyrics and vocals and blistering, caustic dual guitars, reflecting two extremes.

Working Men’s Club – A.A.A.A
Drum machines, trendy synth lines, and fuzzed-out production. Yeah, I just described most modern indie-pop songs, but if the shoe fits… “A.A.A.A.” sounds like if you took the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and threw them into a hipster’s bedroom studio. I’m not entirely sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing – you be the judge.

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