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The Round-Up (01/05/20)

Track of the Week: Hinds – Just Like Kids (Miau)
Hinds take real-life conversations with sexist bigots and put them into a song. It sounds like it’ll be a sombre episode, but it’s Hinds. A fun, upbeat pop song propelled by a piano riff, Hinds sarcastically sing these quotes, laughing off the sexist remarks and putting a middle finger up to the bigots.

April – What I’d Do For You
Like a strawberry daiquri, ‘What I’d Do For You’ is sugary sweet and worth the buzz. Slightly hazy vocals bring back the momentum of the 60s classics, drawing you in April’s dreamy collage of different colours and shapes.

Art Feynman – The Physical Life of Marilyn
Haunting country sounds, weird eery vocals and hazy synths make for a slow but killer tune.

Blanco White- Mano a Mano
Una hermosa escucha! For White’s first track entirely in Spanish, its a mesmerising listen, peaking in haromies and echoing a sense of stringed serenity.

Bruno Major – The Most Beautiful Thing
Like a hot knife through butter, Major glides along the gentle chords. A track for those long lost lockdown lovers, waiting for that one cinemaesque moment the eyes meet across the incredibly packed bar.

County Line Runner – Plastic Palm Trees
This song is pure country escapism. The Cash and Dylan influences shine through for a slow yet euphoric sense of bliss Americana openness.

Groove Armada – Get Out On The Dancefloor
A classic 80s beat and zumba instructor-esque vocals. So fun. Like something you would hear on the radio on Grand Theft Auto V. Get on the dance floor!

Jason Simon – Red Dust – A Venerable Wreck
Psych as fuck. The influence of the Beatles all over the upbeat drums and guitars, with a sprinkling of lovely solos, all tied together by Simon’s atmospheric folky vocals.

Jess Williamson – Smoke
Intimate and Texan, Williamson takes you straight to the open roads with the Smoke. In it’s simple acoustic guitar, it’s a rock n roll burner that will slowly but surely ignite such a warmth inside of you. ‘Every couple months, I like to be bad’ You do you Jess!

Jessy Lanza – Face
Fire up the strobe lights, put on your best clobber, and get ready to boogie along to this enigmatic techno pop masterpiece. Lanza never fails to disappoint.

Larkins – Are We Having Any Fun Yet?
It’s hard not to have fun on Larkin’s electric release. It feels like a ride at the waltzers. The thudding bassline beats with your heart as you whizz between Noble’s vocals. You can feel the hypnotising carnival flashes in the crescending chorus, building a a knot in your chest. It’s a listen you lose yourself in.

Mourn – Call You Back
From it’s striking buyoant guitar, this is a track to stop you in your tracks (badum tsh). Even though the song revolves around the anxiety of the phone call, the strong harmonies of the group and it’s sunny melodies just make you feel like Mourn have managed to bottle up that feeling of youth and inflated this anthem with it.

Sea Girls – Do You Really Wanna Know?
Hidden beneath emphatic vocals and jagged guitar pop, lies the much more introspective lyrics of Sea Girls. In frontman Camamile’s vocals, he adds a slight cheek to his message, fuelling the track with some indie pop goodness.

Sweet Whirl – Patterns of Nature
Esther describes this as her ‘Carole King moment’ and she’s damn right. A slow and reflective piano-led tune about falling for someone only to realise you aren’t ready for it. It’s a beautiful track, that moves the listener but retains a powerful message: do what you feel comfortable with, nothing else.

TENGGER – Eurasia
Great electronica music, proper late night in the tent at a festival stuff. It’s 5 mins of sexy synth loops and lovely to sit back and relax to.

Video Age – Shadow On The Wall
We need some Sun at the moment. Video Age bring us a tan-tastic track all the way from the city of jazz, New Orleans. It’s bold, colourful, vibrant and pops like popping candy. Yummy, I think I’ll spin it again.

When ‘Airy Met Fairy – Inside Your Lungs Superstar
Who knew a twinkly ‘Black Mirror’ esque track could shine so bright? Highlighting the social media obsession of our current society through percussive groove, When’Airy Met Fairy create a digital and dramatic tune.

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