The Rewind – 12/11/20

If after this first week of Lockdown 2.0 you’ve already caught up on all the Bake Off episodes and Sean Connery films you’d set out to, first of all we’d like to say well done. Here’s your new watchlist: the top three new music videos from the last week. Grab a coffee and go bananas.

Aries – ‘Fool’s Gold’

YouTuber-turned-genuinely-great-pop-music-creator Aries has dropped his first single in a while, entitled ‘Fool’s Gold’. The music video is nothing too unexpected, with Aries flaunting his style and confidence, but it marks a real departure from his days as a bedroom producer. Slick camerawork orbits around the singer, who switches between four different sets of gold-infused visuals. Showcasing his endless creativity, ‘Fool’s Gold’ proves Aries’ accessibility without compromising his artistic voice.

Brittany Howard – ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ (live session)

This may be part of a campaign promoting whisky, but Brittany Howard’s performance of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is likely exactly the song America needs to hear right now. Packed with energy and hope, Howard makes full use of her powerful voice and band, before ending in a triumphant display of her guitar talents. It’s a short burst of a song but it’s strength lies in the immediacy of the message, and true passion that Brittany Howard displays performing any of her music.

The Clockworks – ‘Enough Is Never Enough’

Up and coming Irish rockers The Clockworks return with their new track ‘Enough Is Never Enough’. Presenting the four band members in a window format of different locations, singer James McGregor paints a story of pitiful characters and harsh societies as he walks from section to section to join his bandmates. Tackling the ever present issue of racism in a blunt but creative way, The Clockworks offer an important message in an engaging way. You’ll be entertained, even if the man sleeping in front of his sandwich in the cafe isn’t.

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