Hauskey’s debut EP has the cure for mid-winter blues

Hauskey’s debut EP has the cure for mid-winter blues
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This year, it seems like someone flipped a switch and it was suddenly dark at midday. Maybe it’s the constant onslaught of bad news, maybe I’m not usually in a national lockdown so don’t often notice it becoming pitch-black outside when I’m mid-seminar. With the darker nights come the winter blues, of course – but Hauskey has the antidote. 

Perth native Hauskey (a.k.a. Andy Hopkins) has arrived with his debut EP, Slow, and it’s a certified glimmer of sun in the midst of the cold. Relentlessly bright and playful, each track brings something different to the table, uncovering a new side of the enigmatic artist. The titular ‘Slow’ is mellow and deeply self-analytical as Hauskey navigates who he is, with an earnestness that quickly becomes part of his music’s appeal. 

‘Plan B’ is a continuation of this sincerity – Hauskey unwaveringly keeps it real, which is endlessly endearing. Despite this confessional nature to his lyrics, the mood stays light – ‘Plan B’ is an inimitable bedroom pop track, tinged with R&B influences. Laidback and chilled, the slacker label that has quickly become attached to Hauskey’s name seems more pertinent than ever. 

There’s a prevailing optimism that balances out this realism, too. ‘Silver Lining’ is undoubtedly a standout track. Engulfing you in a bubble of infatuation, the track is whimsically romantic, perfectly capturing the enchantment of love. The husky vocals, glittering instrumentals and saccharine lyrics are a combination exhilarating enough to make you feel as though you’re floating. 

The EP is gorgeously intimate and starry-eyed. Whilst finding itself firmly up in the clouds, it still retains a realistic, relatable touch that is completely grounding. Yet, hope prevails throughout, and there is an assured confidence in that hope and in the dreamlike images that Hauskey’s music conjures up. The skies might be looking gloomier than ever outside, but Hauskey invites you into a pastellised world of summer sunsets and a life ever on the bright side.

Haiku Review:
Hauskey is dreamy, 
As are his gorgeous slow beats.
A soundtrack of love.

Listen to Hauskey’s new EP on Spotify and Apple Music.

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