The Round-Up (18/12/20)

Track of the Week: Casual Vice – Antihero
Shipped all the way from South California, ‘Antihero’ is an absolute scorcher – fundamentally, I just love the sound of it. Cheerful and yet reserved, it reflects that internal conflict of restlessness versus hesitation, a bit like when you first fall for someone new.

AWA – Live & Learn
AWA is a new face on the lo-fi pop scene, but ‘Live & Learn’ is a great sign of what 2021 might hold for her. Its relaxed mantra kind of makes you think, for a brief moment, that we’re all gonna be okay. Good vibes only.

Clean Cut Kid – Worrying
It’s a little obvious to say how relevant this track is, but I’m gonna do it anyway: ‘I just lost another week to worrying‘ sums up every one of the last 52 weeks for most of us. Music can be a nice reminder that someone else feels the way you do, and for that I’m sure many of us will thank Clean Cut Kid for ‘Worrying’.

Colouring – Flux
What begins as a very downtempo, almost sombre track, ‘Flux’ picks up just enough to feel their momentum. Far from uplifting, but will undoubtedly bring some comfort when you feel like the world is crumbling around you… which, this year, is always.

dodie – Rainbow
Dodie’s back! This new song is as delicate as fresh snowfall, and just as beautiful. Perfect for your wind-down at the end of the working week, and indeed the working year – switch those emails to OOO, it’s time to sign off, and dodie’s got the soundtrack.

George Alice – Teenager
Let’s stop dismissing the youth – let’s give a voice to the future of this messy planet. ‘Teenager’ vouches for the ideas and validity of young people, in a track that’s gentle in sound but empowered in message. Our ears are open, George.

HONNE – Warm on a Christmas Night
As far as festive reworkings go, this is pretty damn good. HONNE have given a Christmassy upgrade to the title track of their debut album, Warm on a Cold Night. Laden with orchestra strings and void of any of their usual production staples, favouring simple piano and bells instead, this works really well. Thumbs up.

Orlando – 10 Hours
I stumbled across this very late one evening, and it hit a nerve. Orlando is all of us waiting for a text back. An hour is chill, maybe they’re busy… but 10? Poor guy. Wonder if he was still left on read by the time he released this.

pinkpirate – Someone
This is only the third single from Caitlin Brown, alias pinkpirate, and it’s gorgeous. Practically translucent in how stripped-back it all is, the mood is beyond chill. It’s gone straight on the queue for bedtime listening.