The Round-Up (27/11/20)

Track of the Week:
Maddy Storm – The Art of Giving Up
Clattering synth, glitchy electro undertones and a healthy dose of reverb-tinged vocals make for the perfect winter warmer from Maddy Storm. ‘The Art of Giving Up’ is a joyous cacophony of digital electronica, with all the fun of chart-topping pop. Fans of Gaga, Lana and Charli XCX, this one’s for you. 

Arlo Parks – Caroline
More great sounds from rising star Arlo Parks. ‘Caroline’ is deep, the lyrics hard-hitting through Arlo’s ever smooth and hypnotic music setup. Glad to hear some edge, while still losing myself happily and totally in her sonicscape. Brilliant.

BEKA – More Than Friends (with HONNE)
It’s a fusion of the capital letters, and there’s plenty to shout about on this tune. It’s a really pretty song, with autotune being utilised for delicate intricacies opposed to being a total transformation of the track. Subtle and familiar hints to finding a new love are butterfly-inducing and just downright sweet. I’m not crying, you are. 

James Blake – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
The piano’s out – fuck. Covering Roberta Flack’s timeless classic with only the ivories as company, James Blake aims for the heartstrings and pulls relentlessly. Target acquired, tears a-flowing.

Laura Groves – Foolish Game
‘Foolish Game’ plays out like the penultimate section of a classic film: right before the hero runs to save the day or make amends, she takes the time to walk around and think of all that’s happened. Reflective and captivating, this track could easily be that moment’s montage soundtrack.

Lokoy – A Mistake (with Emilie Østebø)
Lokoy is a bit of a shape-shifter. Punk-rocker-turned-eclectic-producer, the Norwegian is never without a sturdy collaborator to execute his vision. He’s teamed up with fellow Nord pop star Emilie Østebø on a delightfully breezy tune that is a true toe-tapper. Energetic instrumentals and emotive vocals will keep you coming back for more on this one.

Nadia Sheikh – Fire Away
Nadia Sheikh continues her forward momentum with another track to see off 2020. Faster and more direct her previous single, ‘Fire Away’ is a passionate rock ballad about giving into emotions that begs to bellowed out loud and proud.

Ok Cowgirl – Don’t Go
Brooklyn resident Leah Lavigne turns up the volume on ‘Get Gone’, a crooning tune that delivers all the finest rock ‘n’ roll elements one could ask for. Vocals are delivered with authority and the sort of emotive power that keeps you hooked all the way through its near-four minute running time.

SKIA – Feeling Fine
Pure pop magic. Uplifting, the message is clear and strong: ‘I’m feeling fine, I’m changing and that’s good‘ – a mantra to live by. This track is electric and fun, with all the potential to rise high in your winter playlists.

Puma Blue – Opiate
It’s a glass of wine time, courtesy of Puma Blue. On this new single we’re treated to effortlessly cool vocals situated in front of a smooth lofi, jazzy,  R&B-esque backing track. It’s polished and poised, the perfect setting for an evening tipple. Have another drink and listen again, I insist.

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