The Round-Up (05/02/21)

Track of the Week: Pixey – Electric Dream
Pixey places you in a foggy nightclub with a multi-coloured dance floor on new track ‘Electric Dream’. The drum work provides a base for the trademark catchy chorus, the sonic elements of the song reminiscent of Georgia. Last year, we described Pixey’s debut single, ‘Just Move’ as better than that motivation speech in your favourite sports film. ‘Electric Dream’ is pretty motivational too. Managed to get me to download Couch to 5K. Now that’s a powerful pop song.

Eades – Former Warnings Cluster
Eades have returned with another hit of alternative punk perfection. Their latest single, ‘Former Warnings Cluster’, utilises the best of retro sounds and crunchy guitars to give us a modernised ’90s riot anthem. Grab your Doc Martens and get stomping.

Folly Group – Four Wheel Drive
‘Four Wheel Drive’ feels like the song you’d hear walking into a bar at 2am. Lead vocals from Sean Harper drip with electricity, while the bands notorious blend of mental and ska punk play beneath him. Like the ‘still open’ sign of your favourite nightclub, it’s a track that draws you in.

Maja Lena – Birch
The best way to describe this is as Sigrid if she got really into cottagecore. It’s calm and whimsical, filled with instruments I probably couldn’t even name. There’s something really magical about it all.

Low Hummer – Never Enough
Despite coming from the East of England, there’s a post-punk, North West influences permeating this new one from Low Hummer. It’s a bit like if Joy Division and Yeah Yeah Yeahs adopted a child together – now that’s high praise indeed.

Ormiston – Rebel
Funky new record from the Montreal resident, Ormiston. ‘Rebel’ delivers all the best bits of his psychedelic-inspired brand of pop. Easy listening with an oh-so-fine groove.

Rag’n’Bone Man – All You Ever Wanted
The aim is the same: top the charts. The journey is a little different. But, with this new guitar-led, rock-inspired sound, Rag’n’Bone man is sure to maintain his winning streak of hit singles.

Skullcrusher – Song For Nick Drake
This is a perfect ode to its namesake. It’s one of those beautiful acoustic tracks that always feel ever so slightly melancholy. The vocals have this haunting quality that really makes you want to focus on every second. Nick Drake would have been proud.

SKIA – Hey Boy
Scandi-sensation SKIA is back with her first single of 2021. ‘Hey Boy’ is a more subtle offering to last year’s EP. A radiant positivity shines through, as SKIA struts through three minutes of pop magic.

Sophie Morgan – Always
With ‘Always’, Sophie Morgan has created a slow anthem perfect for those evening slow dances in your living room as the rain batters down onto the windows. ‘The Masked Singer’ is on the tele, because you’ve watched everything else, and the takeaway is on its way, because you cannot be arsed cooking. But, everything is ok. For a moment you forget the world you’re living in. That’s the power of Sophie Morgan.

tremr – can you overdose on rescue remedy  
Whether or not you can indeed overdose on Rescue Remedy, tremr has encapsulated that relentless, nonsensical questioning on his latest release. Gorgeously layered harmonies combine with the occasional twinkling of keys to create something arrestingly meditative. It’s as candid as we’ve come to expect from the artist, but in this context that honesty results in something intensely soothing – the perfect soundtrack to your next existential crisis. 

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