Pixey runs us through colourful new EP

Free to Live in Colour by Pixey is out now!

After featuring in our ‘Class of 2021’ list, we were very excited to see what Pixey would produce this year. And, sure enough, she’s delivered. A collection of colourful pop songs, Pixey’s debut EP Free to Live in Colour sees the Scouse songwriter dissect what makes her tick as a person through fun, bright, bubbling bops. We asked her to talk us through each track and thankfully, she obliged.

Just Move: “This tune was written to be uncomplicated. It was genuinely just something fun to record and produce. I love working with breakbeats and looping my guitar riffs to sound like old samples. This has all of that, the tune is as simple as the title itself.”

California: “This song was a laugh to put together because I’ve never been to California – I’ve actually never even been to America. I just got creative with the lyrics and tried to envision my reaction if I did go, which is probably that I prefer it here at home, in the end. I was also equally experimental with some of the production, so listen out for some hidden fx!”

Electric Dream: “This song encapsulates my anxieties about everything becoming so digital so quickly during the last year. I actually wrote it as a piano ballad, but changed my mind. I tried my hand at more of pop-centric production for this track, but couldn’t resist adding a breakbeat to the chorus.”

The Mersey Line: “This is one of the first tracks I wrote for the EP and it’s probably my favourite. I was sitting on Parr Street and I just got a sort of jingle in my head and this tune just came out in about 20 minutes. This was also one of the first tracks I played the drums on. It’s an ode to a place I’ve always liked to call home.”

Free To Live In Colour: “This is the title track for the EP, and it’s definitely one I hold close to my heart. I wrote it to sound like a weird fever dream and really experimented with trying to give the tune it’s own soundscape. It pretty much sums my feelings up of the past few years, giving life some colour is what I’ve always felt with my music.”

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