The Round-Up (02/04/21)

Track of the Week:
Lady Dan – Misandrist to Most

The song title is a bit of a mouthful, but it’s worth it for the quality of the song. A subtle country-number, it’s ponderous in its approach, subliminal in meaning and high in quality.

Also new this week…

heck – (a) wall
If you look up ‘slow burner’ in the dictionary, you’ll probably find ‘(a) wall’ by heck, the new singing to Balloon Machine records. Similar to Cassandra Jenkins, heck blends simple-yet-deadly lyrics with subtle instrumentation and sultry saxophone. It’s a nutritious feast.

YAANG – Security Dave (PVA Remix)
Get ready to dance! YAANG’s satirical song ‘Security Dave’ has received back-up from PVA. The already infectious dance-number is now heavier, louder and more addictive.

Gatlin – What If I Love You
Lovely Alt-pop number here. You really get the best of Gaitlin’s musical heritage, with notes of Nashville country and LA-infused pop coming together to a head.

Bess Atwell – Time Comes in Roses
There’s a wonderfully ethereal presence in this song. Time being likened to a vulnerable little rose, with all the heartache of romance and ageing. It’s enough to make even the most macho listener shed a tear.

Kadeem Tyrell – Simple Man
Funnily enough we’re a simple bunch too; we hear vocals this smooth – a track this composed – and we’re in love.

Rachel Chinouriri – Through The Eye
Luscious creative textures flow through one another on this new track from Rachel Chinouriri. Hypnotic yet oh so chill. And, with an EP on the way too, we can’t wait to see what she has to offer.

Dance Lessons – Just Chemistry
How this sounds like a lo-fi slow burner and a disco groove simultaneously is really something to behold. The sax section is an equally luscious addition. It’s guaranteed to have you swaying and moving ever so gracefully.

John Myrtle How Can You Tell if You Love Her
Mr Myrtle has delivered another delightful indie-pop tune with equal parts ecstasy and anxiety. The subtle lyrical contrasts of self-affirmation and self-doubt come to a head with jubilant chord progressions to leave you feeling energised, if not just a tiny bit sad too.

Lil Nas X – Montero (Call Me By Your Name)
Nas X has been promoted from cowboy to hellboy in his latest track and video. It’s utterly crazy but we’re here for every minute of it. Like a devilish romance story of lust, trust and heartbreak that manifests through deep bass and pop synths.

Working Mens Club – X
New single from WMC is going down well. Got the usual bag of synthesisers, dark vocals and club-inspired instrumentals, but my oh my does it still sound just as sweet. Tour has been announced too, so you can bet they’ve got plenty more new tunes in the bag.

L’Rain – Two Face
Brooklyn resident L’Rain continues to impress us with this new track over here. The hazy psychadelic vocals draw you into a world of imaginary happenings, whilst the disjointed keys and sax maintains this a whirling fantastical journey with ecstatic results. For fans of Alice in Wonderland, Narnia or basically any other wacky story of the sort.

FALLU – Sunshine Down
Just as the weathers reached some fiery temps, FALLU has brought a gust of psychedelia to keep you cool. ‘Sunshine Down’ captures the true essence of a wandering mind; the repeating lyrics floating continuously alongside a groovy bassline, pulling you deeper into FALLUs rolling conscious. If you’re looking for a little bit of bliss, then I can spell it out for you with just these five letters.