The Round-Up (15/04/21)

Track of the Week:
Michael Gallagher – Call My Name

Another anthemic track from Teessider Michael Gallagher. All the toe-tapping elements of indie, pop and rock are matched together here to form a tune that is as emotionally affective as it is enjoyable. The stars have aligned with this one; we’re just happy to catch the view.

Also new this week…

Dizzy ft. Luna Li – The Bird Behind The Drapes
A quite and magical essence runs throughout this new Dizzy single, which matures through its subtle key and string section. In a similar fashion, Luna Li’s feature elevates the track with her angelic vocals. Heavenly and harmonious to say the least.

Banji – Dogbreath
For fans of Glass Aimals and Easy Life, comes this glitzy new track from Banji. I can’t help but ponder the crudeness of a dog’s breath. Such a visceral image ingrained in my head. Thankfully, the song itself is much easier on the ear, what with its smooth synth and melodic drum beat. Clean as a whistle.

Ida Mae – Road to Avalon
A pickin’ good track courtesy of British duo Ida Mae. Bango, keys and synthesisers are all in full swing here From the way that the group channel a bygone era of American blues and road music, you’d easily be fooled to believing that they’re from the states.

Louien – Deep Within
Norweigan Indie Folk artist Louien delivers an acoustic masterclass here, with rustic tones and blues-infused guitar leads bringing the track together. It’s a wonderland of sounds that is sure to ignite some singalongs between friends.

Marina – Purge The Poison
Capitalism, misogny, racism. Marina is taking aim at all the bad guys and gals on this new track. The heart of this track lies in its throbbing drums, which give the track an intense rhythm and ensures that no line of this diatribe goes unheard.

Black Keys – Crawling Kingsnake
They still got it. Got that perfect mix of old school blues and contemporary rock, fused together with some great production. It’s a grumbling track, with all the character of the band’s early releases.

Orla Gartland – Zombie!
We love a good horror movie. Monsters are scary. They’re also very real, as Orla Gartland explains so beautifully on this new track. Sensations of burning, transforming and well, turning into a zombie, come to life through an energetic guitar lead and self-assured vocals. Spooky stuff.

James Vickery – Hourglass
Buttery smooth track from rising star, James Vickery. We love the sounds that meet with one another on Hourglass, which resonates through its darkly romantic lyricism. Smart, seductive and oh so good.