The Round-Up (29/04/21)

Track of the Week:
Mattiel – Those Words

Excellent return from the Atlanta singer-songwriter. ‘These Words’ excels in all the ways you’d imagine; luscious harmonies, a toe-tapping dance instrumental and confident lead vocals. What comes as more of a surprise is the effortless simplicity in which these elements are brought together. Mattiel makes this music lark look easy.

Also new this week…

black midi – slow
Slow-burning, jazz-infused track from the black midi boys this week. You can expect epic drum leads from Morgan Simpson, croning vocals from bassist Cameron Picton and a generally intense mood from the band altogther, complete with pockets of energetic sax. One to behold.

Squid – Pamphlets
Listening to a Squid track is much akin to making big plans with your friends. Everything seems right and lawful at the start. Hey, we’ve even got a bit of harmony between members. Then something slides off track and before you know it you’ve descended into pure chaos. We love it though. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

Pauli The PSM – Cowgirl (Creeping)
For fans of Blood Orange and Sampha, Pauli The PSM brings an afro-pop banger that never settles for mediocrity. Slow grooves, repetitive drum beats and an infectious bass line are just a few of the ingredients that make up this stellar new track from the London-based artist.

feeo feels like we’re getting older doesn’t it
You can get in over your head trying to find words to describe this track. ‘Trippy’, ‘Experimental’ and ‘Otherworldly’ are just a few that seem fitting but, quite frankly, it’s better to just submit yourself to the vibe created by feeo. Affective and exciting, we’ll be replaying this one a lot over the long weekend.

Annie Mac was on to something when she made this new CLOVES single her track of the week. It would make the perfect soundtrack to a villain’s entrance in a movie. Dark, glamorous and so elegantly tied together with the help of producer Hudson Mohawke.

Honestly, imagine if every waiting tone was as melodic as this track. We’d be ringing up the bank at 12pm every day just with the hope to be put on hold. This soulful number will have you grooving all through the weekend and no doubt dueting with your loved ones. We hope our neighbours like this track.

Theatre. Pure theatre from American singer Butterfly Ali, an artist who wears his influences on his sleeve and professes his passionst through his expertly energetic sound. There’s hints of gospel, soul and jazz all rubbing up against one another here. A melting pot of genres and palettes that makes for grand listening experience.

VC PINES – See You Soon
With every listen of this, we feel just an inch closer to summer, whatever that may look like. For us, it’s a combination of sub-par sunshine, long walks and light nights listening to excellent music with your friends and loved ones. Add this one to your evening playlist.

The Chemical Brothers – The Darkness That You Fear
Mancunian superstars, The Chemical Brothers, have brought us a ray of light amongst the darkness we’ve found us in over the past year. There really is nothing to fear when you’ve got something this lively to soundtrack your days. Now, if we could just arrange a live festival where this track can be enjoyed in all its glory.

heka – (a) dab
We didn’t know it was possible to be ‘hooked’ from a meandering ambient instrumental. That was until I heard the intro of heka’s new single, which onboards you onto a world of dark romance and emotion ever so slowly. It’s near-four minute run time is deceptively long, but we don’t mind; hell, we’ll take another four minutes if it’s even half as good as what’s brought to the table here.

Maja Lena – The Keeper
Tottering along with ethereal tones and an inspired vocal performance from Maja Lena, this new single transports you to somewhere beautiful. Like, big trees swaying in the spring breeze beautiful. It makes a pleasant change from the British rain, I’ll tell you that much.

Molly Burman – Everytime
A pleasantly catchy track that matures like a fine wine. Burman’s songwriting, with its humorous jibes and confessional tone, is as relatable as it is engaging. We’re excited to see what’s to come from the London artist.