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The Round-Up (25/03/22)

Track of the Week: Seraphina Simone – Sixteen

Seraphina’s debut on YALA! Records is a swathing pop number. Any track that features the word ‘Rodeo’ is good in our book, but this one would be a firm favourite even without the little shoutout. Dark and mysterious, it’s a sure sign of great things to come.

Also new this week…

Lizzie Reid – Bible

‘Bible’ explores feelings of vulnerability in a new relationship, and the mirror that inevitably holds up to your own insecurities. Deeply personal with a lining of hope and a helping of low-level nervousness, the song uses a simple arrangement to brilliantly convey a complex emotional state.

Avalyn – When We Were Nothing

A moody slice of grunge cake, decorated with a curtain of reverb and black icing scrawled in Ian Curtis’ handwriting. Not sure what time period the song’s title is referring to, but these guys better get ready to be something. Very soon.

CIEL – Fine Everything

CIEL sounds like what might happen if Muse covered a CHVRCHES song. Actually, wait. That sounds like a terrible idea. This is way better, give it a shot.

Sycco – Superstar

I feel like there’s not a lot of effort put into music videos these days. Sycco doesn’t care. The music video for ‘Superstar’ is a delight, reminiscent of hip hop videos from the TRL era. This song might not make her a superstar, but a few more like it and she’s bound to get there sooner or later.

Beabadoobee – Talk

Probably the greatest artist moniker in modern history – yeah, I said it. The new single is the first song from their second record due out this summer and it is simply infectious. Honestly, I just want to jump around my bedroom and rage like I’m 15 again. But my back hurts, so I’ll just bob my head in pure delight.

BERRIES – Wall of Sound

Man, there’s certainly a lot of moody, fuzzed-out tracks this week, aren’t there? Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the stress of another work week, but I’m here for it. This track may not be a literal wall of noise, but it is a dance-worthy jam. Go get yourself a taste of BERRIES.

Fatherson – Love For Air

When I first heard Fatherson, I was floored. They were like Frightened Rabbit’s cousin. ‘Love For Air’ sounds a bit different than the stuff I was first hooked on – a bit brighter, more digital and a few more pop sensibilities – and it’s awesome to not only see the band keeping at it, but growing in the process. These guys should be way bigger than they are.

Soccer Mommy – Shotgun

A favourite here at The Rodeo, she graced the cover of our magazine not that long ago. ‘Shotgun’ is another gem in an already stellar discography. Can’t wait to hear what else is on the horizon.

The Elephant Trees – Sorry

What a gorgeous slice of alt-pop. A self-proclaimed apology to a loved one from a person struggling with their mental health. ‘I guess you better get used to the self-abuse that I’m trapped in/I guess I’ve got no excuse, I just want to love you but that ain’t happenin’…’ Lead singer Martha’s vocals just exude honesty and the song builds to a pitch-perfect climax. Gonna be bumping this one all weekend – sorry, not sorry.

Dreamer Boy – Over Everything

A little too mainstream pop for me, but it’s well done. If you wish The 1975 sounded a bit more like Justin Bieber post-puberty, Dreamer Boy is the one for you.

Mexican Dogs – She Cries Blues

‘She Cries Blues’ conjures up images of leather jackets, slicked back hair and dark black sunglasses. The word “swagger” comes to mind. Think Black Keys, Royal Blood, etc.

Cathedral Bells – Fall Into Place

Tidal recommended this to me, and it’s hard to say no to Jay-Z. ‘Fall Into Place’ enters into deep ’80s dream-pop territory. Washed out vocals and neon-tinged synths embrace a rather impressive drum machine performance – should definitely be on the soundtrack for Drive 2.

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