The Round-Up (22/07/22)

The HOTTEST tracks of the week, right here, right now! Ahhh… probably shouldn’t be talking about heat right now. Good excuse to have a nice cold drink at any time during the day though, eh?

Track of the Week: Dolores Forever – Rothko

We’re not really sure what “it” is, but Dolores Forever have it. A little bit HAIM, a little bit Tegan and Sara, this duo is something out of a dream. If you’re looking for a song to accompany this heat wave, ‘Rothko’ is tailor made for the sunshine. Normally we’d suggest dancing unabashedly around your flat to this one, but our guess is you’re already sweaty enough so we’ll give you a pass this week.

Also new this week…

Daimy Lotus – Pathetic
Good luck getting this one out of your head. It’s an ode to sleezy guys everywhere: ‘You come over to pick up my friend for a date / Well ain’t it funny cause last night you dirty-texted me’ is one of many killer one-liners from Daimy Lotus’ new single, which I can only describe as “Avril-lite”.

The Murder Capital – Only Good Things
Three years on from ‘When I Have Fears’, The Murder Capital are back and there’s a newfound lightness to them. ‘Only Good Things’ yearns for joy but it also delivers it – it’s a hopeful balm in sonic form. As they find themselves moving in a new direction, The Murder Capital promises that what is yet to come is going to shine in a completely different way.

Bandaid Brigade – Perfect
Bandaid Brigade are ticking all the boxes right now. ‘Perfect’ isn’t the same punchy pop-punk of ‘Abacus’, but it’s got that same massive energy channeled into a more indie-rock sound. The drums are relentless, the riffs are addictive. Bring on the album!

Muna Ileiwat – Twenty-Seven
Not to bore you with a whole bunch of arithmetic on a Friday, but seven years ago I was 27 – I wish I was writing songs as cool as this back then. It’s a funny thing hearing the line ‘I can’t wait to be in my fourties‘ though – feel like she’s gonna regret that in a decade or so.

Maggie Lindemann – You’re Not Special
Not sure where Maggie Lindemann came from, but I stan. ‘You’re Not Special’ has all the makings of a convertible-with-the-top-down party song – Miley Cyrus would probably be all over this one. Rightfully so – it’s addicting. Video’s kinda stalkery though.

The Dangerous Summer – Someday
Kept waiting for the spark in this one but it’s nowhere to be found. If you’re not a fan of classic Dangerous Summer, hey maybe you’ll like this. But for the rest of you, my guess is you don’t want to hear the same guitar riff over and over for three-and-a-half minutes straight. Sorry guys – back to the drawing board.

Cartel – 17
Not sure I’d classify this as an extraordinary return to form for the pop-punk band best known for their time in a Dr. Pepper endorsed bubble (look it up), but it’s well-done nonetheless. Sort of sounds like if Cartel aged a decade but kept tapping into the spirit of being, well, 17.

The Interrupters – As We Live
‘As We Live’ is basically a three-minute summary of ska history. Taking us on a journey from 2 Tone legend Rhoda Dakar’s soulful voice, to Rancid vocalist Tim Armstrong’s unmistakeable vocals, right up to Aimee Interrupter’s gravelly, ska-punk tones. A perfect showcase of the seriously underappreciated niche of ska-punk.

Bonnie Kemplay – 19
Lotsa numbers this week. Lotsa good songs too. This one in particular is gorgeous – very Holly Humberstone-ish. I feel like Bonnie’s injecting intimate diary entries straight into my eardrums. More than okay with it. Just be gentle. I’ve already got tinitis.

Bleach Lab – Take it Slow
Since their debut single, Bleach Lab have had a maturity about their sound, something that continues on latest single ‘Take It Slow’. Yet there’s a slither of youthful exuberance throughout this new track that points towards a hopeful future.

Betty Who – She Can Dance
Why Betty Who isn’t a massive star still eludes me. ‘She Can Dance’ is yet another addictive pop song that can tango with the biggest of ’em. And hey – don’t be shy – you can dance too.

VUKOVI – I Exist
VUKOVI are quickly becoming one of the most exciting acts in the rock scene right now. ‘I EXIST’ gives us rumbling guitars and formidable vocals with electronic-tinged breakdowns throughout. Halfway through, the music backs down to make way for a slightly ominous digital voice before smashing you in the face with merciless guitars. Seriously good stuff.

Courtney Marie Andrews – Loose Future
It’s always a treat to hear new music from Courtney Marie Andrews. One of the most consistent songwriters and vocalists in modern Americana, she’s yet to disappoint, and the title track from her upcoming record is no exception.

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