Enter the eclectic Sandman.

Trudy and the Romance are a bunch of hopeless Liverpudlian romantics, lost between one falling star and another, a class of dizzy in love dudes trying to find someone and something that will cure their broken hearts. Sandman is a melancholic body of slow and weathered ballads, à la Richard Hawley and Alex Turner, which pluck on those emotional heartstrings and tear up the book of “men don’t cry” in front of anyone. 

But we love you Trudy and the Romance!? Your album is excellent. It sounds like a firm hug, with deep guitars and drums, dreamy saxophones and choir-like vocal backings, think 50s girl bands with 00s fever and taxi-driver sax. It’s a drunk in love record for a rainy day, which will pick you up and take you in, dust you down and tell you there’s a better day tomorrow. It’s okay to get down and it’s okay to be soft, you are only human and so are Trudy and The Romance.

Haiku Review
Enter the Sandman,
Trudy and the Romance
Give you a cuddle.

Words by Nick Ikin

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