Mattiel – Satis Factory

Mattiel – Satis Factory
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Workin’ 9 til’ 5 as Dolly once said, a cowgirl from Atlanta leaves more pop songs stuck in your head. A catchy tune, a howl and a caw, this is alt-pop, with a hard-rock core.

Telling stories and nattering away, there’s a French one, a food one and a catchy one. Hats from the Wild West era lay on the side of the road, anonymous, un-owned, not even a name-label on the inside to identify who it belongs to. This is happening in Atlanta, in London, in Tokyo, in Paris. Everywhere in the world, even on building sites, where the neon-metallic stripes line the cowboy boots and match the spurs on the bottom of everyone’s shoes.

A clink and a clank as the production line moves forwards. A screech or an outcry as the Outlaw escapes once more. Cowboys and Cowgirls aren’t confined to spaces anymore, they’re everywhere. Just be a little different, and you’re one of them. Just be a little different, and you’re part of Mattiel’s pack, ready to take over the world one country-pop song at a time.

Haiku Review
Tap tap tap tap tap
The cowgirl triumphs again
Knock the nail in

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