Possible Humans – Everybody Split

Possible Humans – Everybody Split
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Possible Humans are a bold Aussie 5-piece, delivering a delectable debut album that provides all the traits of a future Michelin but crucially, lacks the lamb sauce.

As everyone knows, a sub-par debut album can make or break any aspiring artists trying to crack the code to success. Whether it doesn’t tickle the taste buds lyrically or simply lacks any real texture or substance, it can be easy to alienate the bucket hat-wearing aficionados. Possible Humans, it seems, have got the perfect recipe, but lack the execution and their souffle has sunk here.

The meaty opening track served up on a bed of mouthwatering guitar sets the set menu right up for 9 more anthems, each fused with hazy vocals, into a gutsy first outing. In the making, they offer tastes of Britpop legends Blur, on ‘Stinger’, and delicious, pacey guitar, reminiscent of The Strokes, on ‘Lung of the City’.

To any fan of Indie, It’s clear these early 00’s influences provide the perfect ingredients. However, if Possible Humans are to go the distance, they’ll need to develop a more distinct, synonymous sound or risk becoming a casualty of the unforgiving indie genre. The tastebuds need fresh material for me.

Let’s hope their next endeavour has all the makings of a succulent and medium-rare instant classic. 

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Enjoy tasty tunes,
It’s an okay set menu,
May I have some more?