The Oh Sees - Facestabber art

The Oh Sees – Face stabber

The Oh Sees - Facestabber art
The Oh Sees – Face stabber
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The Oh Sees, Face stabber is a tab that has every experimental band ever in. I’m talking, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, CAN, Captain Beefheart, Cymande, the lot. And, It’s literally a face-stabbing album. It’s like if D&D was music, it’s changing all the time, moving and moulding itself into something else, a new story, a new universe that constantly regrips your imagination. And, it never lets it go.

It’s one hour and twenty minutes of fusion everything, it’s the equivalent of a Kellog’s variety pack. And, like a Kellog’s variety pack, it has your favourite’s and most likely some you might pass on, I’m looking at you Rice Crispies, you’re shit Coco Pops get out.

As a package, it’s an incredible piece, no, body of work. The only Rice Crispy tunes for me were the ones that got a little to heavy for my delicate ears, but equally, they had 4 other songs inside them. Each track is really a medley of its own, an idea of its own, fully fleshed out to its maximum possible length. It’s not indulgence, it’s exploration. The Oh Sees have got their ice crimps on and compass in hand scaling a music monolith. The record stretches you as far you can go, off into the unchartered lands, before snapping you back to some strange reality. Immense.

It takes a lot of gusto to pull something as ballsy as this off. This is an odyssey to music. An odyssey to music’s multi-faceted qualities, it’s power to explore a groove/theme/genre. My oh my is it worth the trip.

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Music Odyssey,
A body of work, not piece,
D&D music,

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