Honeymoan talk South African roots and UK tour

Honeymoan are new on the scene. Their dream-pop sound has been a breath of fresh air, and we couldn’t be more excited for them to head to Manchester next month for their debut UK shows.

You’ve released three singles this year, all with artwork that seems to tell a story. Are these songs all linked in some way, besides being part of your debut EP?
In a way they are, they’re all part of our mini concept EP Body. The running theme explores a middle-class millennial experience. The three singles talk about social media addiction, the need to escape the mundanity of one’s job and obsession with health and fitness, like orthorexia.

You’ve been compared to a variety of artists, Tame Impala and St. Vincent being the standout names. How have these two artists influenced your music?
Our producer/bassist worships Kevin Parker and Alison grew up listening to a lot of St Vincent.

Isn’t that what music is? It’s not possible to make good music without any influences.

I’ll be honest, I was shocked when I read that as the two are quite different, but you can hear the influences subtly throughout your music. Do you enjoy taking various musical influences and filtering them throughout your tunes, whilst continuing to make your own mark?
It’s never on purpose, we listen to these artist’s a lot and it seems to be inevitable. However, our tastes vary wildly, so you can expect some new flavours off our upcoming release.

And do you think it’s important to entwine musical influences with your own ideas?
Isn’t that what music is? It’s not possible to make good music without any influences. Don’t believe anyone who says they make completely original music.

It’s hard to put your music into one genre, which is great! This is happening a lot with bands nowadays, what are the benefits of music becoming genreless or genre-fluid?
We enjoy being genre nonconforming, it helps us reach a wider audience as well allowing us to explore more sounds.

Alison, you moved to Amsterdam, right? How did you find your experience in Europe? How did it differ from living at home and did it provide any inspiration for the band?
I like a lot, it’s great to have access to live music of international artists, we’re a bit cut off in South Africa. I’m not sure if living in Amsterdam provided much inspiration for the band, it did encourage a unique writing process where we’d send ideas back and forth – that’s ultimately how our last release was written.

Can we expect new music soon? If so, tell us about it!!
Yes! We have another 4 track EP set be released early 2020. I can’t give too much away though. We will be playing the new songs on tour however, so come on down!

You’re coming over to Manchester in November, what can people expect from your shows, or will it be one of your firsts?
It will be our first ever show in the UK. We’ll give it our all! We’re very excited.

What do you know about Manchester already?
Stone Roses, Joy Division, The Smiths, The 1975, The Chemical Brothers, Man United, LOTS OF RED!

Sorry City fans… Honeymoan are heading to Manchester on November 17th, tickets are available HERE! In the meantime, check out Honeymoan on Spotify and Apple Music.