Honeymoan drop by to lighten up your day with new EP ‘Weirdo’

Honeymoan- Weirdo
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A summer-dipped and chilled out escape.

We may still be being bashed by winter storms, but Honeymoan’s new EP makes for a perfect escape. Too short for its own good yet brimmed with delicate, accomplished style, Weirdo has a gem-like quality and makes room to talk about sexuality, forbidden romance and working out just what you’re doing with your life.

As it’s only 4 tracks, I’ll give you a good ol’ run down.

First up, ‘Still Here’ welcomes with a warm, strokes esque but markedly 80s in tone, character. The ending moments on the track are a bit of a rough note, with the production lacking finesse, but it’s otherwise a clear and positive opener that shows the band’s more energetic side, which is made better by how well it flows into the chamber pop gloominess of ‘Fidelio’.

The title track brings the strongest of the lazy summer morning vibes on the record, as it begs the listener to chill out and let it envelop you. Finally, ‘Too Much’ has my favourite chorus on the EP, whilst the song takes a similar form to a heavily modified 80s power ballad. The fine bass bounces off the ricochetting synths to make for a solid finale.

The glassy production and scintillating guitars of Honeymoan’s Weirdo will fulfil the needs of anyone searching for the daydreaming June heat of bands like Her’s (rest in peace), Real Estate and Good Posture. It doesn’t make much of a statement as a record, it’s rather a passing sunny spell, but, as a selection box of fine cuts with plenty of appeal, this glimpse into the band’s world is tasteful and catchy. An essential listen for anyone who likes summer-dipped chilled out music decorated with stereotypically eighties flourishes.

Haiku Review:
Like chatting with friends
At your favourite cafe,
Blue sky and sunshine

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