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Michael Kiwanuka – KIWANUKA

Michael Kiwanuka
Michael Kiwanuka – KIWANUKA
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Micheal Kiwanuka is stepping his game up with funkier beats, silkier vocals and sexy lyrics, synonymous with that of previous retro pop legends. In fact, you know what? This could well be the soundtrack to Django Unchained 2.

Django clad head-to-toe in garish blue dress wear, with a worn leather satchel slung over his shoulder and a whip, clutched tightly in his hand, and Michael firring through some fuzzed-up guitar riffs, you can picture it can’t you? We have a collation of tracks that would fittingly, accompany both the loss of Django’s beloved Brunhilda and his triumph over the dastardly Calvin Candie’s plantation. Michael? I like the way you sing, boy.

9th track, ‘Hero’, is arguably the most Django-esque. You can’t help but picture the eccentric protagonist swaggering away on his horse having rescued his true-love. He’s quashed the evil that separated them in a bloody and explosive sequence, and now the road is open – he’s gunning it. Brilliant track.

Mr Kiwanuka creates a cinematic, stylish and bold story for you to explore and enjoy. The album is perfectly paced, smoothly transitioning from one scene to the next through ups, downs, fight scenes, love scenes, the lot. KIWANUKA is a compelling and satisfying chronicle.

Having crafted something so captivating, I can only imagine that what comes next for Micheal is nothing short of success. For me? All he needs to do is continue working his way through Tarantino’s catalogue of cinematic masterpieces.

Haiku Review
Cameras rolling,
The scene is set *tumbleweed*,
Time for a showdown,

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