Vukovi are an Ozzy Osbourne away from heavy metal in latest album

VUKOVI - Fall Better
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Welcome, user 17359. The content you have selected contains strong language, dark themes and some dirty fucking riffs” – 17369.  Vukovi have configured a next-level user experience, centred around the influence technology has on our generation.

Fronting the tracklist is ‘17359’, a precursor to interlude ‘Verify Your Worth’; which acts as an ‘are you still watching’ button, focusing on the relationship we have with technology. Although the album draws inspiration from data-compiling computer systems, the Scottish duo make sure to avoid getting bogged down in jargon.

‘Violent Minds’ is the first single off the album that caught my attention. Whilst managing to maintain the elements that made their debut album stand out, Vukovi have upgraded their software. Exploring the “dark themes” promised, this particular track delves into a troubled mind haunted by the past and the concept of toxic people embodying computer viruses. 

Musically, Vukovi are an Ozzy Osbourne away from being full-on heavy metal. Fall Better is not the kind of album you stick on whilst relaxing in the bath with a few candles – unless you’re ready to drop-kick those candles into the wall and turn your bubble bath into a wave pool. 

No, this album embodies hype. Perhaps the ideal pre’s album to get you fired up to go out and smash the night to pieces.

Haiku Review
Vukovi are an
Ozzy Osbourne away from
Heavy metal gold.

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