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The Slow Readers Club return with a classic

The Slow Readers Club
The Slow Readers Club - The Joy Of The Return
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The joy of the return, and what a joy it is.

Slow Readers are again showing that they can make good music – and this IS good music at its core. Slightly psychedelic undertones infest themselves amongst The Slow Readers Clubs collection of indie rockers to new wave punk shit.

Their sound is quite classic, and you can certainly see the argument for their songs being construed as anthemic as well. Songs like ‘Problem Child’ have that certain ring, a ring that you could imagine booming out an arena in the not so distant future – so definitely an anthemic potential. They also get the Indie bits down to a tee. Starkie sounds like a mix of Morrissey and Everything Everything’s Jonathan Higgs and his poppy, jumpy vocals are quite addictive.

But, as ‘No Surprise’ says “My surrender is complete” and it does feel a tiny bit that Slow Readers have got a lost in the hazy musical border between both punk and indie. Instead, surrendered their true sound at times to fit the record. Nevertheless, the border of punk and indie is, believe you me, heavily fortified. I’m not talking barbed wire and a few CCTV cameras. I’m talking three layers of fencing, electric wire, armed guards, snipers, choppers patrolling the perimeter… you get my drift.

Slow Readers have come out the other side of this perilous border with an original, new wave kinda sound. A real indie presence throughout, mingled with punk, pop, electro and RnB to make sure, as aforementioned, you can’t pinpoint what that ‘Something Missing’ is.

Haiku Review:
Well if this is really
The joy of missing out
Then please count me in.

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