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Anna Burch personifies softness in second album

Anna Burch
Anna Burch - If You're Dreaming
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Anna Burch’s album If You’re Dreaming is a delicious collection of the sound of the unconscious mind.

An indie pop spectacular from the dreamscape of Detroit, the city of Motown. There is enough heart and soul here to fit the image of that area of America.

The album is sleepy. The jangly guitar, The Smiths meets Tallulah Gosh, pokes gently through the reverie, the echoing vocal easing the inconvenience of having to wake up from the blissful slumber. ‘Party’s Over’ is a loving spoonful of daydream pop. It’s like walking through the morning mist, eyes slowly awakening to the beautiful nature surrounding it.

I found the whole experience to be a stripped down, blissed out, less infused Tame Impala – only without the gnarled guitar solos. Anna Burch picks out the chords as she sends us on a nostalgic journey through the shoegazing universe. A vibe of pure softness.

While I’m in this mood of sentimental descriptions, a stand-out track is ‘Tell Me What’s True’. A story from the heart, it hits the ears like honey drizzling directly from a clear blue sky. A sweet slice of indie folk in the vein of Lisa Hannigan.

An album by any other name may not sound as sweet. You do feel like it’s a bit of a daze. Dozing in the gold sheen of a shimmering sanctuary. I’m brought to thoughts of Don Juan and the power of dreams, mediating through the mind in a state of Zen. Maybe that’s just me… I guess you’ll have to see for yourselves.

The final song is reminiscent of walking through a blooming orchard, with blossom swaying gently in the caressing breeze. A springtime salad of freshness and innocence. New life in new music. The lyrics kiss the skin lightly, ever so slightly. We are chill. We are still. The world is healing itself around us as Anna Burch makes everything okay again.

Haiku Review:
A feast of folk fun
Dripping in romantic sun
Hidden by the mist.

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