Jerry Paper shares the abnormally normal ‘Abracadabra’

Jerry Paper - Abracadabra
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Jerry Paper embraces the stranger sides of life on Abracadabra, resulting in an album that’s abnormally normal.

Throughout, Jerry plays with language in a fresh and interesting way. Take ‘Quicksand’, a track clad with woozy guitars and an easy beat, it’s lyrics move from one surreal thought to the next: ‘Are you sure you trust that hypnotist? / He just tells you what you want to hear, my dear / Where will you be / When the locusts come?’. Though the lyrics don’t make any sense whatsoever, the album comes together to convey a poignant message: stop giving a shit and throw your troubles away.

Despite being lyrically strange, the record isn’t at all unsettling – in fact, the instrumentation is delightfully normal. Paper’s vocals melt into the pacing jazz piano on ‘Puppeteer’, creating something that’s both warm and comforting. His mix of acoustic and electric instruments make for a wonderfully easy listen that’s rhythmic but not jam-packed. It’s the kind of stuff you’d stick on whilst sunbathing with an icy cocktail.

Abracadabra sees Jerry Paper develop artistically, whilst maintaining the quirky characteristics that set him apart. It’s bizarre, a tad eccentric even, but overall, it’s a sunny and vibrant listen.

Haiku Review
Embrace the oddness,
And have a margarita,
In the garden, son

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