Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy have out-folked Mumford & Sons in their latest album

Mt. Joy
Mt. Joy - Rearrange Us
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I thought I’d grown out of country-inspired pop music.

I have to admit, I wasn’t entirely onboard at first. It was something I enjoyed with my cheerios on a summery school morning. However, a couple of spins later and I was whisked off to a stable, enjoying a cool breeze on a bed of hay. If you didn’t get it from that – I love it.

Mt. Joy are turning back the clock on my favourite indie-folk memories with a record that blends elements of 10s classics from barnyard aficionados like Mumford & Sons with alt-indie pop of the modern day… it makes for a nostalgic listen.

The Mumford-vibes form only the basis on which Mt. Joy has built upon as they introduce funky drum beats and layer them with vocals that Marcus Mumford could only dream of. The genre throughout the album flickers a little between songs, with ‘Let Loose’ leaning more into a soulful lo-fi vibe whilst tracks like ‘Witness’ sound like they’ve been plucked straight out of a Lumineers back catalogue. But it works, nevertheless. 

I’m not particularly a fan of the indie-folk bands I’ve likened this album’s sound too, but Rearrange Us breathes some new life into the genre and it may even have me reaching for the cheerios again. Seriously, it’s a brilliant listen. I can now confidently call myself a Mt. Joy fan. Now, where’s my straw hat?

Haiku Review:
It’s indie-folk vibes,
on a big bushy bed of hay.
Go grab ya tractor.

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