Pottery make the most of a dodgy motel on their raucous debut

Pottery - Welcome To Bobby's Motel
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Picture this.

You’re on the road and are getting tired – you need a place to stay. You’ve been driving for so long that you’ll settle for anything and you come across a small residence on the side of the road. Welcome to Bobby’s Motel.

This isn’t your average roadside snoozer, as Montreal art-rockers Pottery soon discover. The album follows a loose concept revolving around the titular Bobby. He’s fun, quirky and a little bit strange – and so is the album. It’s a non-stop barrage of riotous, tightly knit noise. And I’m all here for it.

The motel itself isn’t in one set location. It’s everywhere. And, as for Bobby, he’s everywhere too, in each and every one of us. He’ll usher the worries away and invite us to join him. It’s not the cleanest or the poshest, but it feels like home.

Sonically, this record is fresh and concise, presenting a mixture of often Bowie-esque vocals and pressurizing instrumentals – Pottery show themselves to be no strangers to the obscure. Rapid guitar strums are accompanied by jingle bells and cow bells, as well as some rare and very weird synths. I’m not complaining.

They never allow themselves to rest, each song is as big and brash as the next and they are all hysterically fun. ‘Under the Wires’ is a communal banger. Short vocal bursts nestle between explosive riffs, whilst a sweet baseline guides the tune to its undulating finish.

 ‘Texas Drums, Pt l & ll’ is an ode to the skins and cymbals and all they do. It’s a mental cacophony of cheers and, obviously, fantastic drumbeats. The cowbell is tapped to perfection and dull moments are non-existent. It’s arguably the best track on the record and manages to perfectly capture what Pottery aimed to achieve with this record. Hectic, chaotic fun.

Welcome to Bobby’s Motel is a wonderful and wacky body of music. Pottery manage to never take themselves too seriously, creating ecstatic, high-energy tracks guaranteed to keep your knee bouncing.

Haiku Review:
Bobby’s everywhere.
Pottery have smashed this one.
My knees still not stopped.

Listen to Pottery on Spotify and Apple Music to reserve your stay at Bobby’s Motel.